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Measuring Ad Performance: Free PPC Ad Performance Reports

Measuring your PPC ad performance is essential for determining the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but for many small businesses measuring ad performance is no easy task. With an abundance of marketing performance metrics presented in AdWords, it’s difficult to determine what data matters and what doesn’t. Most small businesses lack the time and resources necessary to dig through these vast quantities of ad performance data, and ultimately much of that valuable data goes to waste.

However, there is a solution! Plenty of free ad performance tools are available online that can help decipher and make sense of your AdWords data. WordStream’s AdWords Grader Plus analyzes your AdWords account, provides an insightful measuring your PPC ad performance, and provides personalized recommendations and actionable tips you can use today to improve your AdWords account. Best of all – it’s completely free!

Ad Performance Report With the AdWords Grader Plus

The AdWords Grader Plus lets users measure their ad performance by providing an instant report detailing their PPC ad performance based on their personalized AdWords data. The ad performance report highlights eight major ad performance metrics, including:

The AdWords Grader Plus provides a customized evaluation for each ad performance indicator, explaining the importance of each metric, how your ad performance compares against other similar advertisers, and actionable tips you can use to improve you ad performance immediately!

The AdWords Grader Plus now has even more handy features for measuring ad performance. New features include:

  • Ad Performance Tracker: This performance tracker analyzes your PPC account every 30 days, providing users with insight into how their PPC ad performance is trending over time. The colorful graph makes the data easy to interpret, even for those who aren’t proficient in PPC.
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  • Mobile PPC Readiness Score: The Mobile PPC Readiness Score how well an advertisers’ account is prepared for mobile PPC. As mobile PPC continues to grow as a major online marketing force, advertisers need to measure their mobile PPC ad performance, and this feature makes it easy to see what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.
  • New & Improved Benchmarks: WordStream has revisited its competitive benchmarks for PPC ad performance – now the AdWords Grader’s ad performance indicators are up-to-date and better than ever!

But don’t just take our word for it: WordStream’s AdWords Grader has great reviews at Search Engine Land and the Clix Marketing Blog. Get your free ad performance review today! Try the free AdWords Grader Plus.

Improving Your PPC Ad Performance: Common Errors

Data collected from the AdWords Grader Plus has helped us discover the major markers that determine the success or failure of advertisers in dealing with PPC ad performance. We’ve found that many struggling PPC accounts make the same mistakes. These errors include:

  • Inconsistency: Only 1% of small business advertisers log in and do work in their PPC accounts each week. Our research has shown that PPC account activity plays a huge factor in determining ad performance. Don’t abandon your account at the wayside – treat it with care!
  • Wasteful Spending: 20% of small businesses aren’t using any negative keywords. Negative keywords are absolutely essential when it comes to cutting down costs and preventing wasted spend that results from unqualified clicks.
  • Improper Account Setup: More than 50% of small businesses aren’t implementing conversion tracking, which makes means they aren’t able to see how keywords and ad performance lead to sales. Conversion tracking is absolutely essential for properly measuring your ad performance.

Get Your Free Ad Performance Report Today!

WordStream’s AdWords Grader has graded over $3 billion in total AdWords spend, and that data has been used to improve the Grader and better help advertisers achieve their ad performance goals. The AdWords Grader Plus is, as always:

  • Completely free
  • Completely secure
  • Super-fast

The kind of ad performance analysis provided by the AdWords Grader Plus regularly could cost hundreds of dollars, but we provide this customized ad performance review for free in order to help businesses better understand the benefits of AdWords. Get your ad performance review – try the AdWords Grader Plus!

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