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AdWords For Dummies: Free AdWords Help and Resources

When you’re first starting out with Google AdWords, it can seem confusing and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn!

Don’t fret. Here at WordStream, our mission is to help businesses of all sizes get better results from online marketing. Even if you’re new to paid search or you run a tiny business and don’t have much time, we believe that you can make AdWords work for you!

We offer a bunch of free resources to help newbies learn AdWords, so you don’t have to buy a copy of AdWords for Dummies.

PPC University

PPC U is a free, open learning resources for anyone getting started with Google AdWords. It’s organized into three courses: PPC 101 (AdWords basics for beginners, AKA AdWords for Dummies!), PPC 102 (for intermediate AdWords users), and Advanced PPC. PPC U also includes webinars and e-books, so you can learn at your own pace and in the best format for you!

A few of our most popular e-books for beginners include:

How Does AdWords Work?

This informative infographic explains the process of the AdWords bid auction, including how Google chooses which ads to show and how much to charge, in a visually appealing and easy to understand format.

the google ads auction

The AdWords Performance Grader

If trying to analyze your AdWords account makes you feel like a dummy, this tool is for you. The AdWords Grader is an award-winning free tool that delivers a comprehensive report on your AdWords account’s performance in 10 key areas, including Quality Score, click-through rate, wasted spend, best practices and more. It’s a fast and easy way to get a full account audit so you know where you stand and where you need to improve.

Search engine marketing AdWords Performance Grader

Try the Free Google Adwords Performance Grader today. 

The WordStream Blog

Finally, if you’re looking for an ongoing source of tips and information to help you learn AdWords, read the WordStream blog. We publish helpful new articles to help businesses in all industries get great results from Google AdWords. It’s like AdWords for Dummies, but updated every day!

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