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What’s the Secret to Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an important part of any online advertising strategy. AdWords enables you to advertise on Google, the most popular search engine, which in turn enables you to get your brand and messaging in front of a huge potential audience.

AdWords can be tricky to learn and even harder to master. But there’s no big secret to succeeding in AdWords. Rather, AdWords success is mostly a matter of understanding a few key principles and then diligently working to optimize your account over time.

And we can help you do that!

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The “Insider Secrets” of Google AdWords

Call them secrets if you like. We just call it smart thinking. Check out the AdWords resources below to get help with your AdWords account and get your performance on track.

Free AdWords Performance Grader

The AdWords Grader is an award-winning free tool that delivers a complete report card on your Google AdWords account, showing you how you measure up for essential metrics like Quality Score, click-through-rate, and impression share. Your free report also provides actionable tips to will help you optimize your campaigns in a flash.

How Does Google AdWords Work?

This infographic explains exactly how the AdWords auction works as well as how Google determines when to show your ad and how much to charge you per click.

Google AdWords Performance Benchmarks

What’s a good click-through rate in AdWords? What’s a good CPC? Get definitive answers to these common questions in our AdWords benchmarks report, including average metrics for twenty popular industries.

PPC University

Learn AdWords the easy way with our free learning resource, including courses on PPC basics, intermediate PPC and advanced search marketing technique. PPC U also includes a library of e-books and recorded webinars to choose from.

The WordStream Blog

Our award-winning marketing blog is updated regularily with new Google AdWords “secrets” and hacks to help you optimize your account and make more money from your online ads.

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