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Last Updated: November 19, 2021 | Reporting & Analysis
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Over the last few months we’ve created a series of in-depth guides designed to help AdWords advertisers better understand a lot of the different features and functionality available to them within Google AdWords. Thus far we’ve covered:

Over the course of the next several posts on the blog we’ll be walking through the various tools available within the “Tools and Analysis” tab.

What’s in the Tools and Analysis Tab?

AdWords Tools and Analysis

Within the tools and analysis tab along the top navigation of AdWords, you’ll find a number of valuable AdWords tools:

  • Change History – This is home to a list of all of the changes within your AdWords account, along with who made them.
  • Conversions – This is a breakdown of the different conversions that have been recorded within your account.
  • Google Analytics – This allows you to sync Google Analytics with your AdWords account and gain some additional insights from your campaigns.
  • Website Optimizer – This is a great, free resource for optimizing landing pages and conversions.
  • Keyword Tool – Of course the AdWords Keyword Tool is a means of identifying relevant terms to target within your paid search campaigns.
  • Traffic Estimator – This is a tool designed to help you estimate costs, average costs per click, and traffic for different keywords before you’ve actually run a campaign.
  • Placement Tool – Similar to the keyword tool, this allows you to identify placements that may be relevant to your display campaigns.
  • Contextual Targeting Tool – This tool helps you to build tightly themed keyword lists for display network campaigns.
  • Ad Preview & Diagnosis – This tool allows you to preview search results without accruing impressions, and can help you to diagnose potential issues with why your ad may not be showing.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be dedicating a post to each of these tools, attempting to help you understand how each tool works, what you can accomplish with it, and when it makes the most sense to leverage the tools within your campaigns.

If there’s anything specific about any of these tools you’d like to see covered, just drop a note in the comments and we’ll try to address it over the course of the series!

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