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Google Gives AdWords MCC Users the Gift of Consolidated Billing

Author: Miranda Miller
Last Updated: November 22, 2021 | Paid Search Marketing

Google AdWords My Client Center (MCC) users have one more accounts management feature to love. Over the weekend, Google announced the rollout of AdWords Consolidated Billing, enabling agencies to combine multiple account invoices into a single one.

Consolidated billing will also allow account managers to create, fund and manage AdWords budgets for new or existing accounts in the interface, without having to contact support. New invoice structuring options enable you to combine everything in one invoice, or create multiple invoices based on segmentation by brand, location, division, etc.

Another improvement is the addition of email delivery for invoices. Users can now choose to have invoices emailed, or download them at the beginning of the month. Previously, download and regular mail were the only options.

Agencies and large brand clients are sure to appreciate the enhanced features and greater control in Consolidated Billing, which is phasing out the Standard (ALO/MDO) billing process.

This latest upgrade to the AdWords My Client Center comes just months after Google took AdWords Scripts for MCC out of beta, giving agencies the ability to run scripts across an entire MCC.

The rollout has started and will continue throughout the year until consolidated billing is available to all AdWords MCC accounts. What do you have to do to get it? Wait patiently. Users will receive a notification once their account has been upgraded.

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