Customer Spotlight: 4 Ways JustIngredients Has Cut their PPC Clutter

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Customer Spotlight: 4 Ways JustIngredients Has Cut their PPC Clutter

June 14, 2019
Customer Spotlight


From red jalapeño chilies to Himalayan pink salt to apricot kernel oil, JustIngredients has every herb, spice, oil, and wholefood that any chef could dream of. It’s the experimental foodie’s one-stop dream shop, which delivers right to your door!

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Although kitchen cooks are pleased, the marketers of UK online retailer JustIngredients face their challenges. When dealing with over 1,000 products, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of deciding how to market and prioritize each one, especially when it comes to PPC.

“We have ads for our 400 top performing products, as well as more generic search terms,” says Victoria Hockley, JustIngredients’ Marketing and Customer Care Assistant. “As you can image our PPC account has become rather large.”

In order to get their large account under control to reduce the clutter, save time on management, and improve results, JustIngredients turned to WordStream Advisor. Check out 4 of the main things WordStream has helped JustIngredients accomplish.

#1: Reorganize a Huge Account to Focus on Top-Performing Ads

Before coming on with WordStream, JustIngredients AdWords account was somewhat of a disorganized mess, and rightfully so! Dealing with so many products and ads it’s easy to become un-organized quickly. Luckily, WordStream’s tools and help from their dedicated Customer Success Specialist, helped Victoria prioritize and slim down the waste in their account.

“Thanks to WordStream we have been able to organize our campaigns so we can quickly identify the areas we can gain more from,” says Victoria. “Through careful targeting and planning, we consolidated 50 ads down to 10 – therefore making it much easier to track and improve performance.”

#2: Identify Quick Wins through the 20-Minute Work Week

As a marketer with multiple responsibilities at a small company of less than 25 employees, finding the time to continuously analyze and optimize JustIngredients’ paid search account isn’t easy! Victoria feels fortunate that the 20 Minute Work Week tool has provided her with a weekly optimization solution that is easy to use and helps her find opportunities that she wouldn’t have found otherwise (and in only 20 minutes per week!). “On a weekly bases I complete the 20 Minute Work Week, which identifies quick wins for the company,” she says. “This has proven to be a very successful method, and one that I will continue with in the future.”

#3: Use QueryStream to Find New Opportunities

QueryStream is a tool that shows you the actual search terms users are typing into Google to make your ads appear. The tool allows advertisers to take action on these search terms – whether it be adding new keywords to bid on, setting negatives to block irrelevant traffic, or even creating new campaigns or ad groups around a query theme.

“My favorite WordStream tool is QueryStream,” says Victoria. “It’s great for finding out how users have gotten to your site and sometimes it provides things you haven’t even thought of targeting!”

#4: Increase Profits and Lower Spend through WordStream Tools and Service

All in all, Victoria feels like WordStream has allowed her to grow JustIngredients’ PPC profitability while also spending less time optimizing. “WordStream has not only saved us time, but also given us a clearer direction of areas to work on,” she says. “After three months of using WordStream, our ads are much more targeted and therefore our spend and CPA are down. Each month we are seeing increased profits from our PPC campaigns.”


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