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Our Best Social Tips Ever & 9 More Top Posts from January

Author: Dan Shewan
Last Updated: November 15, 2021 | WordStream


Our Best Social Tips Ever & 9 More Top Posts from January

September 13, 2017


This time last year, the Greater Boston metro area was buried under roughly three feet of snow. Transport ground to a halt, power outages were widespread, and the Empire’s menacing AT-AT walkers terrorized the fleeing rebels as they abandoned their underground bases*.

This year, we barely got a dusting – unlike much of the South, which, by all accounts, is ill-equipped to handle this kind of weather.


Raleigh NC snow chaos car on fire

What 4” of snow looks like in Raleigh, NC

Of course, there’s more to the month of January than the weather (unless you’re British, in which case talking about the weather is more important than just about anything else). We started 2016 with a bang, with new AdWords feature announcements, more Facebook marketing content than you can shake a proverbial stick at, and a lot more. Check out the most popular posts from the WordStream blog from January, and catch up with the news, tips, and strategies you may have missed.

*This didn’t actually happen, I just wanted an excuse to mention Star Wars again.

1. Our Best Social Media Marketing Tips… Ever!

I’m honored that my post on our best social media marketing tips ever was the most popular post of the month. Far from a lazy round-up of links (ahem), this post goes into detail about why these tips, tricks, and strategies are the best we have to offer and how you can apply them to your own campaigns. Whether you’re just getting started with paid social or you’re a seasoned vet, you’ll find plenty here to increase the ROI of your social media advertising campaigns.

2. 25 Digital Marketing News Sources You NEED to Be Reading

It’s hard to believe it’s been two and a half years since we all bitterly lamented the demise of Google Reader, but that doesn’t mean that RSS itself suffered a similar fate. Marketers probably have more subscriptions in their RSS feeds than many other professionals, but what’s in yours? In our second-most popular post of the month, I highlight 25 digital marketing news sources you need to be reading.

3. 3 Easy Wins for PPC in 2016

Winning is awesome. Winning effortlessly is even more awesome – and that’s precisely what Erin shows you how to do with your PPC accounts in our third-most popular post of the month. Find out how these three easy strategies will result in significant gains in ROI across your campaigns and start the year off right.

4. New in AdWords: Adding Search Queries as Keywords Just Got Easier

Whenever AdWords introduces a new feature, it’s typically a big deal and this was no exception. In this post, Helen explains everything you need to know about this new feature, and why it’s going to make your life as a PPC marketer a whole lot easier.

5. 21 Amazing Facebook Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know that legendary actor Al Pacino (of Serpico and Scarface fame) was the first “face” on Facebook? I’ll confess, neither did I. In our fifth-most popular post of January, I look at this and 24 other facts you (probably) didn’t know about the world’s most popular social media site.

6. How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Connection Request

I was going to say that sending LinkedIn connection requests is a lot like dating, but then I realized that this is completely untrue and way off base. Instead, I’ll just say that if you’re hoping to expand your online network and forge new (professional) relationships to further your career, this post by Larry shows you exactly how to write the perfect LinkedIn connection request.

7. Does Facebook Advertising Work?

“Does Facebook advertising work?” is one of the most common questions newcomers to paid social have, and it’s a reasonable question to ask. Fortunately, there’s overwhelming evidence that proves that yes, Facebook advertising does work, and does so incredibly well. In this comprehensive guide, I walk you through the many reasons why Facebook advertising works so effectively, as well as why Facebook ads are so powerful. Grab a coffee and settle in.

8. Customer Retention for Agencies: 6 Tips on Keeping Clients for the Long Haul

To many businesses, client churn is the enemy. For PPC agencies, it’s more like a dastardly, mustache-twirling arch-nemesis with a secret base at the bottom of a volcano. Although finding new clients is tough, keeping them can be even harder, which is why Erin’s guide on customer retention for agencies struck such a chord with WordStream readers in January. If you run or work for a PPC agency, you need to read this post – you’ll thank us later.

9. 5 Tips for Dominating Your E-Commerce Keyword Research

Ecommerce retail can be a tough market, but with a little savvy and some insider tips, it doesn’t have to be. In this post, Erin outlines five strategies you can use to dominate your ecommerce keyword research. I’m not entirely sure what the header image of an aging businessman pointing a banana menacingly at the photographer has to do with ecommerce keyword research, but if you figure it out, please do let me know.

10. My Top 12 Can’t-Miss Digital Marketing Conferences

Being the glamorous, jet-setting international man of mystery he is, WordStream’s Larry Kim knows more than a thing or two about digital marketing conferences. Of course, some are better than others (and not purely based on the quality and/or exclusivity of the after-parties). In our final post of this month’s round-up, Larry explains why these 12 conferences should definitely be on your calendar this year.



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