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4 Emails to Include in Every PPC Lead Nurturing Campaign

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Last Updated: December 12, 2022 | Email Marketing, Paid Search Marketing

As you capture new leads from your PPC campaigns, a solid strategy to make the most of your PPC spend is to get the communication rolling with a lead nurturing campaign. While it’s easy to set up a lead nurture email series in your marketing automation platform, figuring out the content in your lead nurturing emails can be a challenge.

Start with these four easy lead nurturing emails to help your newly captured leads understand and interact with your business – and convince them to become your next customer.

Lead Nurturing Email #1: Validate Your Brand with Testimonials

Social proof is a necessity when it comes to building trust with your leads. According to research conducted by Zendesk, 88 percent of buyers are influenced by an online customer review when making a purchasing decision.


Lead Nurturing Campaigns

So send a testimonial email to your PPC leads to show how your business has changed the game for your customers.


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The hardest part of building a testimonial email is gathering the reviews. But if asking for customer reviews has you stressed – no worries. It’s actually pretty easy to collect online reviews. Just send out a brief survey to your customers. Make sure you write this survey to allow for open-ended responses that can be turned into testimonials and include a disclaimer or checkbox that approves the use of these testimonials in your business marketing. Also, offering an incentive – like a $10 gift card – never hurts to boost customer participation.

If you haven’t had the chance to collect testimonials yet, you can also pull out some top quotes from review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, G2Crowd, etc., and send an email with these quotes and links to the full review.

Lead Nurturing Email #2: Show, Don’t Tell with Video

More than 72 percent of buyers are watching video throughout the entire path to purchase and nearly 50 percent are watching 30 minutes or more of video content. So sharing video in your PPC lead nurturing campaign is a no brainer.

Most of your PPC leads have converted because they have a problem you can help them with. However, they most likely won’t be familiar with your business, your culture, or your specific solution set. Help them quickly understand what you can do for them with a short video.

As you leverage video in email, remember that different email clients handle video content in different ways.  For instance, some email clients handle HTML5 beautifully, while others require a fallback option. As a best practice, embed a thumbnail of your video in your email body that links to where your video is hosted. This is the best way to make sure all of your leads can access the video content. Ideally, you should host your video on your website, where you can engage your PPC leads in your brand and funnel them towards the next step in the path to becoming a customer.


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When it comes to the actual content of the video, the field is wide open. Test a video testimonial from one of your customers. Use an explainer video to illustrate complex ideas in a simple matter. Or, showcase your unique company culture.

Multiple companies can create videos for you, but it can be expensive. If you don’t have the budget to outsource video production, don’t shy away from DIY solutions such as Wistia.  Creating an inexpensive and effective video can be done with simple tools such as your iPhone. You can create a video room to record a video of you explaining your business, or you could do something fun like recording a Google Hangout with thought leaders in your industry.

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Lead Nurturing Email #3: Address the Elephant in the Room (Your Competition)

Maybe you’d rather not mention your competitors – but when it comes to PPC, your leads are well educated and have likely come across your competitors in their research. They are generally further in the sales process than, say, a lead visiting your website through an organic search.

So if you’re investing in PPC, having a solid handle on the competition is key.

A nurture email can underscore what makes you different and better than the competition and why someone should choose to do business with you, instead of them. Even better, if you are targeting competitive keywords, you can address competitors specifically depending on which competitive ad or keyword your PPC leads come from.

For instance, if you were Taboola targeting the competitive keyword “Outbrain,” you could send those leads a targeted email that explains why to choose Taboola over Outbrain.


Finding where leads come from

Addressing your competitors in your PPC nurture campaign can help them along with their decision by addressing common objections and highlighting your competitive strengths. Leads can convert on the spot because you’ve done their competitive research for them.

Lead Nurturing Email #4: Get Personal with a Sales Intro

A direct introduction to your sales team in your lead nurturing campaign can help warm up cold PPC leads by putting a face to your company.

This sales introduction email should feel personal. For instance, the FROM name of your email client should be the sales person themselves – not a generic “[email protected].” Adding a picture and/or a signature at the bottom of the email is another opportunity to show some personality and set your brand apart in the inbox.


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Finally, as you build your PPC email nurture campaign and set it up to automate, don’t forget to check the performance of the emails and optimize. All of the lead nurture emails here can be high-converting emails, so pay attention to what is resonating the most with your leads and move that email up or down the nurture email campaign timeframe to maximize lead conversion.

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