New Display Targeting, AdWords Message Extensions, and Other Top Stories from October

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New Display Targeting, AdWords Message Extensions, and Other Top Stories from October

August 7, 2019


Whether you went out over the weekend or are preparing for a night of debauchery and questionable costumes tonight, All Hallows Eve is upon us once again.

Best of the WordStream blog October

Before we get to the inevitable anxiety about Thanksgiving – and the subsequent descent into the madness of the holidays – let’s take a look back at the top stories from the WordStream blog in October. From stealthy new additions to Display keyword targeting options to new AdWords extensions, there was a lot going on this month.

1. Google Silently Introduces New Display Keywords Targeting Settings

The biggest story of the WordStream blog in October was the news that Google had surreptitiously added new targeting features to Display campaign keywords. These new targeting options give Display advertisers greater control over where and how their ads are displayed. Essential reading for Display network advertisers.

2. 11 Battle-Tested Ways to Raise Your SEO Click-Through Rate [Infographic]

It’s getting increasingly difficult to get the mileage out of organic content that used to be possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take proactive measures to improve your organic click-through rates. In our second-most popular post of October, Larry outlines 11 battle-tested ways to raise your SEO CTR.

3. 6 Crazy Social Media Ad Ideas to Make You Look Like a Big Deal

Social media ads are more popular than ever before, but with more advertisers comes more pressure to get creative with your ads. Luckily for you, Larry is here to come to your rescue. In this post, Larry offers six crazy ideas to increase your profile on your social channels and make you look like social media royalty.

4. 3 Simple PPC Formulas Proven to Lower Your Costs

The simplest ideas are often the best, and although advanced techniques can help you stay ahead of the curve, sometimes you’ve got to get back to basics. In our fourth-most popular post of October, Mark outlines three simple PPC formulas that will help you lower your costs – and what advertiser doesn’t want to do that?

5. The Easy Guide to Maximizing Your AdWords ROI

Getting the most bang for your buck was obviously a theme in this month’s round-up. In this post, Allen explains everything you need to know about maximizing the ROI of your campaigns, no matter what your campaign objectives may be. There’s some great tips in here, so be sure to check it out.

5. NEW AdWords Message Extensions Enable High-CTR Click-to-Message Ads [Data]

The introduction of new ad extensions is always a big deal, and the announcement of AdWords’ new Message Extensions was no exception. In our fifth-most popular post of the month, Mark goes into detail about exactly what you can do with these new extensions, and how they can impact the effectiveness of your campaigns.

6. Top 5 Mobile Tests to Try This Month

Mobile search volume is increasing all the time, making it vital to test new strategies and techniques for your mobile campaigns. In this post, guest author Talia Wolf of Banana Splash outlines five mobile tests you can implement right now and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly challenging space.

7. 10 Reasons Your Site is Preventing Conversions Right Now

Even if you think your site is as optimized as it can be, but there are more hidden pitfalls that could be hurting your efforts than meets the eye. In this guest post, David Hoos of The Good reveals 10 ways your site could be harming your conversion rates – some of which you may not even have considered.

8. The Ultimate Guide to Tracking, Targeting, and Driving Conversions on Facebook

Facebook offers advertisers a wealth of conversion tracking options, but for the uninitiated, it can be a minefield out there. In this comprehensive guide, Brett McHale explains absolutely everything you need to know about using Facebook’s universal tracking pixel to track, target, and drive conversions on Facebook – essential reading for social advertisers.

9. 13 Great Mobile Marketing Tools You Need

As Mary points out in our penultimate post of this month’s round-up, it’s a mobile-first world – and everyone is pretty much sick of hearing about it. Despite “mobile fatigue,” it’s never been more important to leverage every tool at your disposal to succeed at mobile social advertising, and in this post, Mary checks out 13 tools you need to succeed.

10. The Art & Science of High-Converting Landing Page Images

Landing pages can be among the most effective tools at marketers’ disposal, but there is both an art and a science to optimizing landing page images – a highly important element of the best landing pages. In our final post of this month’s best-of, Brad Smith shows you exactly what you need to do to optimize your landing page images and increase your conversion rates.


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