Most Expensive Keywords, Ad Hacks & More Top Posts from June

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Most Expensive Keywords, Ad Hacks & More Top Posts from June

August 7, 2019


Summer is finally here! June was sunny and warm for those of us in the northeast, and we finally got our fill of vitamin D. Though the month flew by, it was an exciting couple of weeks for us at WordStream! We completed a lot of cool projects that we shared with you. In case you missed it, here are our top ten posts from the month of June.

1. The 25 Most Expensive Keywords in AdWords – 2017 Edition!

Way, way back in 2011, when the world was young and fidget spinners weren’t yet a thing, there was lore floating around in the search marketing world that “mesothelioma” was the most expensive keyword to bid on in Google AdWords, costing upwards of $100 per click.

Our awesome content manager had an idea: What if we used data from our Free Keyword Tool to determine which keywords had the highest costs per click (or CPC’s) in Google AdWords?

The infographic we created based on that data is still one of our most popular pages ever. So we’ve completed a new, comprehensive analysis of keyword data for five different currencies in English-speaking countries (keep an eye out for the data for GBP, CAD, AUS, and ZAR coming soon!).

This time around, we determined the top 25 most expensive keywords (meaning these niche markets are super-competitive) along with their average CPC – and six years later, the results are substantially different!

most expensive keywords 2017

2. We Analyzed 612 of the Best Ads: Here Are 9 Things We Learned [DATA]

This project was definitely one of the most exciting analyses we’ve done this year! It was a huge group effort to answer some pressing questions: What are the actual WORDS that go into really great, super-high-CTR ads in AdWords? What about stuff like numbers and punctuation marks? What are the best CTA’s? Are the best ads in Google AdWords positive or negative? Are they keyword-stuffed or more creative?

In this article, Allen Finn covers nine, often surprising things we learned by running text analyses on some of the best ads in AdWords from the past year.

adwords text ad best practices 2017

3. How to Use Emotional Images for High-Converting Landing Pages Every Time

While each step in the process to acquiring new customers takes nuance and optimization, a lot of marketers leave their landing pages by the wayside. But that can be the most pivotal moment in your quest to gain a customer! And the all-important main image is hugely important. This post maps out the exact steps you need to take to choose a high-converting image every single time you plan a landing page.

4. Case Study: How AdWords Life Events Targeting Lifts Brand Interest 175%

If you advertise with Google, you’ve probably heard of their obsession with micro-moments; the times when consumers are researching and considering a purchase. In line with this focus, Google has gifted advertisers with Consumer Patterns and Life Events which enables marketers to target more relevant audience segments.

This is huge. And this post goes into the improvement accounts had after implementing it.

5. How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost? Plus 8 Tips for Saving Money

Though Facebook has generally been the gold standard of social advertising, Instagram is slowly catching up. In fact, Instagram posts get 10 times more engagement than Facebook posts! So how much does it actually cost to advertise on Instagram? What kind of CPMs should you expect? Is it worth it? This post answers all those important questions and more.

6. 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

Telecommuting – one of the fancier terms for working remotely – seems to be the perfect arrangement for workers in dozens of industries. Companies that encourage and support remote work often report higher levels of employee retention and engagement, reduced turnover, higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity and autonomy, and lots of other benefits.

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to telecommuting – people just don’t tend to be as vocal about them. Here are seven things Dan Shewan wished somebody had told him before he took the plunge and became a full-time telecommuter.

Working Remotely

7. ‘Purchases on Google’ Enters Open Beta

Last month, Google announced tons of big changes and new AdWords features at their annual event in San Francisco. At the beginning of June, they rolled out the ability to purchase products directly on the SERP! And as always, our own Mark Irvine has everything you need to know about it in this comprehensive post.

8. 7 Time Management Shortcuts for Marketers Who Can’t Write

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of a blank document when ten brilliant headlines are due by the end of the day. Sometimes it can feel impossible to be a successful marketer in a world where content has been crowned king. In this post, Brad Smith makes the bold claim that “writer’s block is a myth.” And goes through seven writing time hacks to get the results you need.

9. 10 Highly Effective B2B Link Building Tactics

There are a lot of ways to get backlinks, and some require more work than others. This article breaks down the tactics into three separate categories according to how much effort they’ll entail: outreach, submission, and exchange.

10. Video SEO: 9 Ways to Optimize Your Video for Search

It’s true that video SEO is not the same as regular SEO. Video SEO has also changed significantly in the last few years, which is why Margot da Cunha enlisted Wistia’s video SEO expert, Phil Nottingham, to share his advice in this post.

Video Seo


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