How WordStream Helped Inspire Marketing Become the #1 Agency in East Texas

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How WordStream Helped Inspire Marketing Become the #1 Agency in East Texas

March 23, 2018
Customer Spotlight


As Director of Digital Media at a seven-employee agency, Zac Terry’s bandwidth can be spread quite thin. Zac runs all of the digital marketing campaigns for Texas-based Inspire Marketing’s clients. His standards are high, and he wants to ensure his clients see tangible results – so optimizing his time is one of the most critical parts of Zac’s job.

When Zac identified the need to break into the paid search space, he knew that he couldn’t manage his campaigns alone if he truly wanted to deliver ROI for his clients. This is why Zac turned to WordStream’s Premier Consulting team.

“In order to get a campaign to where it needs to be, it takes lots of research and planning for spend,” says Zac. “WordStream has helped us with strategy and campaign management to make us the leaders in East Texas.”

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Inspire Marketing does traditional marketing, special events, and digital marketing for a variety of industries from medical to automotive, and about a year ago they built out a paid search offering too.

“We have been doing social since the company began four years ago, and we moved into PPC last year,” says Zac. “Throughout this time we’ve tripled several of our clients’ businesses. They have seen great results.

So, how did this small agency partner with WordStream to grow their business tremendously in just one year? Well, there were a few things that really played into their success.

WordStream Consulting Calls

WordStream’s Premier Consulting Team is a group of professionally trained, AdWords-certified individuals who provide guidance on paid search strategy, working closely with the client to ensure goals and target metrics are met. When Zac signed up to work with WordStream’s Premier Consulting team, he was paired with a consultant. He says this consulting has been the most valuable service that WordStream has provided to his business.

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“My rep is incredible. Anytime I need anything he helps me out,” says Zac. “If we don’t have a call scheduled or if I need something urgently, I can send him an email and he will respond or call me when he has a break.”

Saving Time with Focused Campaign Workflows

Aside from the value Zac’s seen from consulting, he’s also found WordStream Advisor to be the key to his growing success with managing his clients’ advertising budgets to deliver real results. Early on in Zac’s experience managing advertising budgets for his clients, he became aware of how time-consuming and challenging that task really is.

“Trust and transparency has to be built between us and the client so we can explain to them what needs to be spent and what they can afford in order to get them to where they need to be,” says Zac.


wordstream 20 minute workweek for agencies

Luckily for Zac, joining WordStream and using tools like the 20 Minute Work Week to better manage his time on each account and hone in on key improvements, he was able to achieve successful results.

Some of the typical workflows Zac does for each client include adjusting budgets and bid prices based on performance, writing new compelling copy each week, and rotating ads to achieve higher click-through rates (CTR’s) and conversions.

Delivering Tangible Results to Clients

Marketing for agencies is a high-pressure job – if you cannot deliver results, contracts won’t be renewed, relationships will be broken, and reputations will be tarnished. Clients don’t want to hear stories, but rather see numbers, and managing Zac’s campaigns with the support of WordStream has allowed him to show his clients real ROI, yielding growth in the advertising space.

“We have tripled several of our clients’ businesses,” says Zac. “WordStream has ensured we’re always saving our clients money and increasing CTR’s. For instance, one client with a very small operation has not dropped below a 3.5% CTR since we started, within 6 months they held a greater than 5% CTR, reaching all the way to 8.3% at one point.”

With notable results comes a glowing reputation, which of course leads to more business, and this is something that Inspire Marketing has seen time and time again. “Several of our clients have told their friends,” says Zac. “We have been blessed with so much businesses that we can’t take on any more clients!”

Zac and his team at Inspire Marketing are confident that partnering with WordStream was a great business decision.

“The service we get from WordStream is unparalleled,” says Zac. “We always discuss how it is the best investment we have made in our company.”


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