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60+ Easy & Creative March Marketing Ideas (With Examples!)

Author: Kristen McCormick
Last Updated: February 20, 2023 | Marketing Ideas

March marketing is basically St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and March Madness, right? Wrong. In fact, there’s a national day in March for your erroneous thinking…

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But what a good thing to be wrong about, right? Read on for:

  • A full list of March awareness causes, holidays, and national days.
  • Over 60 creative March marketing ideas for posts, promotions, events, and more.
  • Real examples from businesses across a range of verticals.

Table of contents

March awareness causes

There are many awareness causes that you can use for March blogging, promotions, and social media marketing. You can post on or write about these topics throughout the month of March so you’re not tied to a specific date. March is:

  • Asset Management Month
  • Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
  • Bleeding Disorders
  • Brain Injury Awareness Month
  • Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
  • Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • Craft Month
  • National Reading Month
  • Endometriosis Awareness Month
  • Epilepsy Awareness Month
  • Kidney Month
  • Kidney Cancer Awareness Month
  • Myeloma Action Month
  • Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month
  • Problem Gambling Awareness Month
  • Red Cross Month
  • Self-Injury Awareness Month
  • Social Work Month

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Use our blog post ideas or even our SEO-optimized blog post templates to get the gears turning!

Diversity, equity & inclusion in March

There are tons of opportunities to demonstrate diversity, equity and inclusion this month. Here are the DEI-friendly awareness causes in March:

  • Bisexual Health Awareness Month
  • Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
  • Disability Awareness Month
  • Ethics Awareness
  • Expanding Girls’ Horizons in Science and Engineering Month
  • Greek American Heritage Month
  • Irish American Heritage Month
  • Women’s History Month

And here are some specific observance days:

  • International Women’s Day (March 8)
  • Equal Pay Day (varies—March 14, 2023)
  • World Down Syndrome Day (March 21)
  • First day of Ramadan (varies—March 22, 2023)

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March national days & holidays

There’s a full list of all days and dates at the bottom of this post, but here are some highlights:

Well-known observances:

  • Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday (changes every year—February 21, 2023)
  • Ash Wednesday (changes every year—February 22, 2023)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)
  • Daylight Savings (changes every year—March 12, 2023)
  • First day of spring (changes every year—March 20, 2023)
  • Pi Day (March 14)
  • MLB Opening Day (changes every year—March 30, 2023)

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Meaningful days

  • Medal of Honor Day (March 25)
  • Vietnam Veterans Day (March 29)
  • SBDC Day (varies—March 15, 2023)
  • Mom and Pop Business Owner Day (March 29)

Fun days

  • Dadgum That’s Good Day (March 1)
  • Everything You Think is Wrong Day (March 15)
  • Something on a Stick Day (March 28)
  • Virtual Vacation Day (March 30)
  • Awkward Moment Day (March 18)

march marketing ideas - national awkward moment day

Who knew?

  • Triglycerides Day
  • Common Courtesy Day
  • Near Miss Day

March marketing ideas for DEI

Okay, now let’s dive into some more specific ideas for the events and causes listed above.

Women’s History Month

Take some time in March to honor the women in your business or industry who have made an impact. For example:

  • Run an Instagram or Facebook giveaway where entrants share women of history and one line to describe their impact.
  • Feature famous females in your geographic and industrial niche.
  • Host a webinar or event run by women only or for women only, or both!

march marketing ideas - womens history month facebook post example

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day exists to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. Each year has a different theme, which you can learn about at internationalwomensday.com.

  • Share a brief history lesson on a female or group of women in your field or niche.
  • Ask your followers to share stories of influential women in their lives.
  • Use the year’s designated hashtag in your posts,
  • Introduce your customers to the women behind the scenes at your business.

march marketing ideas - womens day email example

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Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day was launched on the 50th anniversary of the equal Pay Act and typically occurs the second Tuesday in March. It was created to address the gender wage gap, but in recent years has expanded to also include women of color, LGBTQIA workers, moms, part-time workers, seasonal workers, and more.  You could:

  • Support the Equal Pay Today campaign by donating a portion of your proceeds.
  • Post gender wage gap stats on social media.
  • Interview or conduct a poll among women in your community, whether that’s on social media, in your customer base, in your professional network, or even among your staff.

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Monthly awareness March marketing ideas

Whether your business is directly related to any of the themes of March doesn’t matter. With a little creativity, you can come up with a relevant and appealing post, campaign, or event for any audience. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

National Reading Month

If content is king (or queen), then reading is the key to the kingdom. You can:

  • Share your favorite books and ask your followers to share theirs.
  • Ask for book recommendations.
  • Post a quote about reading or from your favorite book.
  • Run a book drive.
march marketing ideas - national reading month post

Caffeine Awareness Month

Lots of opportunities to have fun with this one across all the popular social media marketing platforms!

  • Run an appropriately themed blog, social post, or video series (stats that will wake you up, tips to ramp up your savings, energize, activate, roast, ramp up, etc.)
  • Guide your audience through a month without coffee, including tips on how to achieve the effects of caffeine, without caffeine. Or do it yourself and document your journey.
  • Run a weekly coffee chat series over Facebook Live.
  • Don’t forget about other caffeine sources like tea, chocolate, soda, and energy drinks!
  • Explain something in your industry using a coffee analogy (dark, medium, light roasts, for example).
  • When in doubt, turn to the plethora of relatable coffee memes out there.

march marketing ideas - national caffeine awareness month meme

Credit Education Month

This is the perfect month for businesses in the finance category, but any business can take part:

  • Invite a guest speaker to run a webinar on improving your credit. This is relevant to anyone paying money to use your products or services.
  • Send out an email to your loyal customers playfully framed as, while you can’t give credit tips, you can give them a $X credit on their account (March email subject line ideas here!)
  • Kill two birds with one stone and celebrate credit education with women’s history.

march marketing ideas - womens history month and credit education

National Nutrition Month

This is a great time for restaurants, health food suppliers, and fitness centers to market their products and offerings. You can:

  • Provide nutrition tips and healthy recipes through blog posts or email newsletters.
  • Run a special deal on your healthiest products.
  • You can also be a bit tongue-in-cheek and describe your business as “food for the soul” or highlight true health benefits your services provide that nourish your body or mind.
  • Share the latest research and facts and use hashtag #eatright and #NNM to get your posts noticed and shared.
march marketing ideas - nutrition month facts

March Madness

The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament tips off in March. There are plenty of ways to get into the spirit:

  • Create a March Madness bracket to go with your business.
  • Run a competition of your most popular dishes/products and encourage customers to order one of the two dueling items.
  • Small businesses in or around college towns can offer patrons a discount for wearing team colors.
  • Take pictures of your employees who are getting in the spirit and post them on social media with the hashtag for the team you support.

And even if you have nothing to do with sports, you can still take part. If a bridal boutique, an event planning company, and a dog treat business can find a way to jump on the bandwagon, anyone can.

march marketing ideas - march madness facebook posts

National day March marketing ideas

Let’s move on to the specific days in March that make great opportunities for promotions and local marketing.

First Day of Spring (March 20)

For those of us in seasonal climates, the first day of spring is always an exciting time, so take advantage of it with ideas like these:

  • Get people in the spirit with pastel-rich images on Instagram.
  • Run a sidewalk sale, regardless of the weather. If it’s chilly, you can offer hot tea and coffee. If it’s raining, get a tent. Make it a fun “determined to stay positive” event.
  • Start a spring series on YouTube or refresh your YouTube channel trailer with a spring theme.

march marketing ideas - youtube tutorial on spring grass

Employee Appreciation Day (first Friday)

A little recognition can go a long way in maintaining your employees’ morale and productivity. Plus, high-spirited and engaged employees make for happier customers. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Introduce your team members in an Instagram Story or carousel post, with a little something about what each one brings to the table.
  • Ask your employees some fun questions and put a write-up of their answers into a blog post.
  • For B2B marketing, remind your customers to express their appreciation for their employees.

Keep in mind also that these types of gestures make your business more appealing to potential customers because they humanize your brand.

National Day of Unplugging (March 4)

The first Friday of March is National Day of Unplugging and the perfect day for marketing your spa, yoga studio, or fitness center. Encourage people to visit your facility—offer a special deal for that day—and give people a chance to disconnect from the busy world of the internet and smartphones.

Pi Day (March 14)

Pi Day is March 14 (3.14), not to be confused with actual Pie Day on December first of every year. Ideas for this mathematically magnificent day:

  • Schools, daycares, and after school programs can teach children about math and host fun Pi Day events.
  • Bakeries and restaurants, why not add an “e” onto the end anyway and run specials on pies or pie baking classes.
  • Pi is used for measuring circles. Artists and designers can promote circular or geometric art.
  • Find different ways to use the numbers in pi. For example, run a sale of three days, 14 products, 15% off.
march marketing ideas - national pi day promotion on facebook

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)

The luck of the Irish is here on March 17 for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Get involved in your community by participating in St. Patrick’s Day parades or Shamrock Shuffle fun runs that are going on. Make sure to use the event’s hashtag to get your posts found by new followers and promote your business.
  • Have a green clothing contest in your office and share it on social media.
  • Give customers wearing green a special discount or prize for taking a picture and tagging your business.
  • Get festive and invite your followers to drop in for limited-time offerings inspired by the luck of the Irish.
  • Run a contest and invite people to test their luck! To get more Instagram followers, have them tag someone else in a comment on your post.
  • Write a thought leadership piece about luck.


march marketing ideas - article on luck

International Puppy Day (March 23)

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all, except when it comes to puppies. Everyone.loves.puppies.

  • If you’ve got a dog-friendly business, snap photos of patrons and their pups and post them to Instagram, tagging your customers to cultivate those relationships.
  • Offer a one-day sale to new customers and show off the pups you currently walk or pet sit on social media. Make sure to hashtag your location to get your posts discovered by nearby potential customers.
  • You don’t have to necessarily be a dog walker, groomer, daycare, or sitter. Show off your employees’ pups or, take photos of your own and share with your followers and give people a more personal view of your life.
march marketing ideas - international puppy day facebook post

Earth Hour (March 26)

Participate in the movement to have an electricity-free hour this day. From 8:30-9:30pm, countries around the world will be lighting candles and going dark on electricity. Get your business involved in your local Earth Hour event in your city, or, if there isn’t one, start it! Participating in community activities is a great marketing strategy and a good way to get your business name out there (creative business name ideas here!).

Mom & Pop Business Day (March 29)

How could we miss this one? Here are some ideas:

  • Remind your followers to shop local on this small business-friendly holiday.
  • Toot your own horn (ideally in conjunction with the above strategies).
  • Promote your favorite local partners or even just neighboring small businesses.
march marketing ideas - mom and pop business day video

Ready for more marketing ideas?

Check out LOCALiQ’s roundup of March social media holidays and ideas or take a look at the other months in our series:

Full list of March marketing national days

As promised, here are the days and dates, courtesy of National Day Calendar.

March 1

  • Dadgum That’s Good Day
  • Horse Protection Day
  • Minnesota Day
  • Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  • Pig Day
  • Self-Injury Awareness Day
  • Pancake Day – IHOP – Changes Annually (March 1, 2022)
  • Fat Tuesday – Day Before Ash Wednesday
  • Paczki Day – Day Before Ash Wednesday
  • Fastnacht Day – Day Before Ash Wednesday

March 2

  • Old Stuff Day
  • World Teen Mental Wellness Day
  • Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day) – if on weekend, moves to closest school day
  • Ash Wednesday– Changes Annually

March 3

  • Anthem Day
  • I Want You to Be Happy Day
  • Mulled Wine Day
  • Soup It Forward Day
  • Hospitalist Day – first Thursday

March 4

  • Marching Music Day
  • Grammar Day
  • Hug a G.I. Day
  • Pound Cake Day
  • Sons Day
  • Tartar Sauce Day – Friday after Lent begins
  • Day of Unplugging – first Friday
  • Dress in Blue Day – first Friday
  • Speech and Debate Education Day – first Friday
  • Employee Appreciation Day – first Friday

March 5

  • Absinthe Day
  • Cheese Doodle Day
  • Multiple Personality Day

March 6

  • Dentist’s Day
  • Dress Day
  • Frozen Food Day
  • Oreo Cookie Day
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake Day
  • Finisher’s Medal Day – first Sunday

March 7

  • Be Heard Day
  • Cereal Day
  • Crown of Roast Pork Day
  • Flapjack Day

March 8

  • International Women’s Day
  • Oregon Day
  • Peanut Cluster Day
  • Proofreading Day

March 9

  • Barbie Day
  • Crabmeat Day
  • Get Over it Day
  • Meatball Day
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day – second Wednesday

March 10

  • Blueberry Popover Day
  • Mario Day
  • Pack Your Lunch Day
  • Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • World Kidney Day – second Thursday

March 11

  • 311 Day
  • Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day
  • Johnny Appleseed Day
  • Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day
  • Promposal Day
  • Worship of Tools Day

March 12

  • Baked Scallops Day
  • Girl Scout Day
  • Plant a Flower Day
  • Working Moms Day

March 13

  • Coconut Torte Day
  • Earmuff Day
  • Good Samaritan Day
  • Jewel Day
  • K9 Veterans Day
  • Open an Umbrella Indoors Day
  • Daylight Saving Time – second Sunday

March 14

  • Children’s Craft Day
  • Learn About Butterflies Day
  • Pi Day
  • Potato Chip Day
  • Write Down Your Story Day
  • Napping Day – Day after Return of Daylight Savings Day

March 15

  • Everything You Think is Wrong Day
  • Kansas Day
  • Pears Helene Day
  • Shoe the World Day
  • World Social Work Day – third Tuesday
  • Equal Pay Day – Changes Annually

March 16

  • Everything You Do Is Right Day
  • Artichoke Hearts Day
  • Curl Crush Day
  • Freedom of Information Day
  • Panda Day
  • SBDC Day – third Wednesday

March 17

  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Farm Rescuer Day – third Thursday
  • Absolutely Incredible Kid Day – third Thursday

March 18

  • Awkward Moments Day
  • Biodiesel Day
  • Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day
  • Sloppy Joe Day
  • Supreme Sacrifice Day

March 19

  • Backyard Day
  • Certified Nurses Day
  • Chocolate Caramel Day
  • Let’s Laugh Day
  • Poultry Day
  • Corn Dog Day – first Saturday of March Madness
  • Quilting Day – third Saturday

March 20

  • Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
  • Proposal Day
  • Ravioli Day
  • World Flour Day
  • Spring Begins

March 21

  • California Strawberry Day
  • Common Courtesy Day
  • Countdown Day
  • Fragrance Day
  • French Bread Day
  • Single Parent Day
  • World Down Syndrome Day

March 22

  • Bavarian Crepes Day
  • Goof Off Day
  • West Virginia Day
  • American Diabetes Association Alert Day – Fourth Tuesday
  • Ag Day – Changes Annually
  • 3-D Day – third day of the third Full Week

March 23

  • Chia Day
  • Chip and Dip Day
  • Near Miss Day
  • Melba Toast Day
  • Puppy Day
  • Tamale Day

March 24

  • Chocolate Covered Raisin Day
  • Cheesesteak Day
  • Cocktail Day

March 25

  • Lobster Newburg Day
  • Medal of Honor Day
  • Tolkien Reading Day

March 26

  • Epilepsy Awareness Day – Purple Day
  • Nougat Day
  • Spinach Day

March 27

  • International Medical Science Liaison Day
  • Joe Day
  • Scribble Day
  • Spanish Paella Day

March 28

  • Black Forest Cake Day
  • Something on a Stick Day
  • Triglycerides Day
  • Weed Appreciation Day

March 29

  • Lemon Chiffon Cake Day
  • Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
  • Nevada Day
  • Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 30

  • Doctors Day
  • I Am in Control Day
  • Pencil Day
  • Take a Walk in the Park Day
  • Turkey Neck Soup Day
  • Virtual Vacation Day
  • Little Red Wagon Day – Last Wednesday
  • Manatee Appreciation Day – Last Wednesday

March 31

  • Bunsen Burner Day
  • Clams on the Half Shell Day
  • Crayon Day
  • Prom Day
  • Tater Day

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