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Learn ecommerce tips and strategies to help your business find more customers, sell more products, and earn more profits per customer! Our in-depth ecommerce marketing articles cover everything your ecommerce business needs to succeed, including website optimization, product marketing, product photography, SEO, and creative ideas and examples for ecommerce email marketing, selling through Facebook and Instagram, our favorite ecommerce tools, reducing shopping cart abandonment and more!

Unlocking the Power of Dynamic Remarketing for Retail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Find out how to set up Google dynamic remarketing to boost your ecommerce or retail business.

The 7 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for New Store Owners

Generate traffic, sales, and repeat customers to your online store!

10 Powerful (But Not Pushy) Ways to Increase Average Order Value

Increase average order value, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. It's a win-win-win.

5 Crafty Ways to Split Test Your Google Shopping Ads

No built-in A/B testing feature in Google Ads for Shopping campaigns? No problem.

11 Ecommerce Website & Marketing Trends Taking Hold in 2022

By 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online, making these trends important to know for all businesses.

What is Target ROAS in Google Ads & When Should I Use It?

Google Ads Smart Bidding can sometimes make us feel...not very smart. Let's change that.

How to Improve Google Shopping ROAS with Priority Bidding

Learn how the Google Shopping priority bidding structure works and how to use it to optimize your bids and negatives for maximum ROAS—with plenty of pro tips and examples.

5 Ways to Personalize the Ecommerce Customer Journey for Better Returns

This past year, retail ecommerce sales grew by 27.6%. Learn five ways to personalize your website pages, emails, offerings, and campaigns to turn your ecommerce buyers' journey into an experience they'll want to repeat:

6 Ecommerce Tools to Bring Your Local Business Where Your Customers Are: Online

This post covers six tools that businesses with a physical location can use to deliver more of their services and transactions online, in the wake of COVID-19 and rapid shifts toward online consumer behavior.

Brett McHale
February 18, 2021 | Ecommerce Strategy

9 Data-Backed Reasons to Sell on Amazon in 2023 (#9 Is Our Fave)

Amazon has always been a booming business, but with its resilience to COVID-19 and customer lifestyle changes because of COVID-19, it is becoming an even better investment for businesses looking to start or enhance online storefronts. Here are 9 reasons to sell on Amazon—even for small businesses!

Guest Author
January 27, 2021 | Ecommerce Strategy

8 Genius Ways to Increase Your Online Store Sales-Simply Using Data

Looking to improve your ecommerce product pages, build a strong reputation with your customers, improve sales, upsell, and increase revenue? The secret to increasing sales for your online sale lies within your data. Here are eight simple but overlooked ways to use data to improve your bottom line.

Guest Author
January 11, 2021 | Ecommerce Strategy

9 Must-Know Ecommerce Marketing Trends of 2020 (With Examples)

How can your ecommerce business stand out above the noise? Consider 9 ecommerce marketing trends for 2021 that are worth your time, including quality content, social media shopping, conversational commerce, machine learning, personalization, and more.

How to Sell on Etsy: Your All-in-One Guide to Getting Started

Wondering how to sell on Etsy? In this all-in-one guide, we're sharing how to set up your shop, how to set yourself up to sell LOTS, and why it's worth selling on Etsy in the first place!

How to Improve Each Stage of Your Ecommerce Sales Funnel

In this guide, we're sharing how to improve your ecommerce sales funnel at each stage, with strategies for using customer data to grow your top-of-funnel lists, creating friction-free checkouts, and so much more.

How to Build an Ecommerce Website Fast

Want to know how to build an ecommerce website? We cover all the steps, including domain setup, growth strategy, choosing a provider, and on-site optimizations for conversion.

12 Goal-Crushing Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for 2020

For ecommerce marketers, stakes are high. Here are 12 of the best expert-approved ecommerce marketing strategies that you need to try in 2020, including Google showcase shopping ads, optimizing for voice search, and more!

Lisa Smith
December 18, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Survival Guide: 10 Stats & Tips

The holidays are almost here, so it's getting late for shopping—but not too late. In this last-minute holiday shopping guide, we're sharing the stats and strategies you need to make the most of the last few holiday shopping days, including remarketing strategies, discounts, and more!

Conor Bond
December 16, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

Google Shopping Holiday Forecasts for YOUR Industry

Wondering what to kind of traffic you can actually expect while you're prepping your Google Shopping accounts for the holiday season? We partnered with Google to examine what retail advertisers can expect, and we're sharing the Google Shopping holiday forecast here. Take a look for traffic forecasts for 12 industries, including apparel, computers, electronics, and more!

Mark Irvine
October 28, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

Email Marketing for Ecommerce: 11 Tips to Stay Out of the Trash

How can you stand out against the flood of other emails loading up your target customer's inbox? Here are 11 tips for improving your ecommerce email marketing, including personalized subject lines, VIP offers, and more!

The 6 Most Effective Ecommerce Discounts to Promote with PPC

Ecommerce discounts can be a powerful advertising tool—especially when you combine them with your PPC campaigns. Here are the six most effect ecommerce discounts to offer in your PPC ads, including seasonal sales, free trial offers, and more!

Adam Enfroy
October 21, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

Your Comprehensive, Go-To Guide to Google Merchant Center

What is Google Merchant Center and how do you use it? Navigating Google Merchant Center can be overwhelming for ecommerce advertisers. Check out this complete guide for all the information you need!

Conor Bond
September 18, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

6 Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips for More Online Sales

Ecommerce digital marketing gets harder as you gain more competitors. But with a few smart strategies (across Google, Instagram and more) you can drive more online sales for your ecommerce business starting now!

Conor Bond
September 5, 2019 | Ecommerce Strategy

13 Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tips to Implement Now!

It's never too early to start planning your ecommerce holiday marketing strategy! Check out these holiday marketing tips that you can start implementing now.

Ecommerce User Experience: 5 CRO Lessons from Amazon

There are a lot of keys to Amazon’s success, but a core reason for the retail giant's massive, continued success is its focus on ecommerce user experience. Here are five ecommerce user experience lessons from Amazon that you can use to boost your CRO, including recommendations, subtle design changes, and more!

5 Epic Product Descriptions (& How to Copy Them!)

Use these five insanely effective and creative product description examples for inspiration!

Google vs. Amazon: The Battle for Ecommerce Dominance

Today's ecommerce market is defined by a rivalry: Google vs. Amazon. Check out this article to learn how Google is angling to dominate ecommerce!

5 Must-Know Ecommerce Marketing Insights for 2019

Ecommerce marketing comes with a host of unique challenges. Check out these 5 data-backed insights to get a leg up on your competition!