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The world of digital marketing and online advertising is constantly changing. From new ad formats, to new platforms, to constantly changing best practices, to new data privacy laws and much, much more: our blog posts give digital marketers and business owners the ability to stay on top of a complex and ever-changing industry. Check out the WordStream blog and learn how to keep your business’s digital marketing strategy current.

2022 Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Benchmarks for Every Industry (New Data!)

Average CPC, CTR, CPL, and CVR for your industry in 11 interactive charts—plus tips to improve performance!

165 Strategy-Changing Digital Marketing Statistics for 2022

Make smarter marketing decisions with these stats for SEO, PPC, social, email, websites, and more.

19 PPC Influencers You Need to Follow in 2022 (& Their Best Advice)

Need to phone a PPC friend? Follow these PPC influencers to get the insights you need in 2022.

Susie Marino
February 8, 2022 | Industry Insights

The 19 Best Marketing Strategies for 2022 (That You Can Actually Do)

These aren't trends to keep your eye on. They're plain realities and tangible strategies that will bring you results NOW.

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2022, According to Experts

From cryptocurrency to core values, there's something in here for everyone.

Lisa Smith
January 13, 2022 | Industry Insights

Healthcare Advertising Benchmarks for Search, Display, & Social in 2021

Find out average click-through rates, cost per click, conversion rate, and more for search, display, and social ads.

NEW Advertising Benchmarks for Real Estate in 2021

Check out these real estate advertising benchmarks for the average CPC, CPL, and CTR for real estate search ads, display ads, and social media ads.

12 Revealing Digital Marketing Statistics (& How to Act on Them)

We know that the pandemic caused many changes, but where do we stand now as things have settled out and we're halfway through 2021? Check out these 14 post-COVID digital marketing statistics for 2021 and learn how you can act on them!

4 Essential Lessons for Travel Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is a great marketing tool for the visual storytelling that attracts travellers. Here are four essential lessons to improve your travel marketing on Instagram now!

Guest Author
January 16, 2020 | Industry Insights

11 Strategies for A+ Higher Education Marketing

Higher education student enrollment is on the decline, so it's more important than ever to have a top-notch higher education marketing plan. Here, we're sharing 11 strategies that work, including targeted social campaigns, events, alumni partnerships, and more!

Margot Whitney
September 30, 2019 | Industry Insights

31 Fabulous Fashion Marketing Tips

The fashion industry is a highly crowded and competitive space. In order to stand out, your fashion marketing needs to be full on FABULOUS. Here are 31 tips to get you started!

Instagram Ads for Real Estate Marketers: 10 Best Practices

With the emphasis on visuals and insane potential reach, Instagram is an unmissable platform for real estate marketers. Here are 10 ways to make the most of Instagram ads for real estate marketing, including local targeting, carousel ads, and more.

Automotive Marketing: 9 Strategies to Drive More Sales

Here are nine automotive marketing strategies to drive more sales.

9 Tips for Better, Faster, Stronger Fitness Marketing

Whether it's a gym, a fitness app, or a health food ecommerce business, your business can use fitness marketing strategies to grow. Here are nine tips, from special intro offers to motivation campaigns and more.

10 Smart Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings

The biggest challenge in hotel marketing is competition. How do you stand out from the sea of other hotels, not to mention options like Airbnb? We've got you covered with ten simple and effective hotel marketing and advertising strategies.

Margot Whitney
September 7, 2018 | Industry Insights

16 Accessible and Affordable Music Marketing Tips

Great marketing practices are key for anyone who wants to turn his or her music into a career. Check out this blog post for our very best music marketing tips!

Conor Bond
August 17, 2018 | Industry Insights

7 Tips for Real Estate Landing Pages that Convert (+ 12 Examples!)

What can real estate marketers do to ensure your brand stands out against the many others online? This guide will show you how to create stunning and effective real estate landing pages so you can build your lead list and close more sales.

11 Killer Retail Marketing Tips to Drive Sales Year Round

Retailers are often fighting for attention to get prospects to hit the buy button or come to their brick and mortar storefront to make a purchase. Here are eleven retail marketing strategies to ensure a steady flow of customers, sales, and repeat buyers all year round.

8 Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Law Firms

Personal injury law is a highly competitive field, and costs can be high. But there are plenty of ways to make sure your advertising spend delivers a return. Check out these eight effective marketing strategies for personal injury law firms.

7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads

Whether you're targeting dedicated house-hunters or potential first-time buyers, real estate Facebook ads can be incredibly effective at generating leads. Learn everything you need to know about using Facebook Ads for real estate in this comprehensive guide!

10 Powerful Tips for Better Travel Marketing This Year

Competition in the travel industry will be higher than ever this year. How to beat the competition? Here are 10 ideas to improve your travel marketing strategy.

10 Tips for Tastier Food & Restaurant Advertising

Food and restaurant ads can be remarkably effective - but there are a few ways to make your campaigns extra spicy. Here are ten hot tips for better food industry advertising.

17 Hair-Raising Salon Marketing Ideas

If you’re running a hair or nail salon, how do you stand out from the crowd to earn new customers? Here are 17 salon marketing ideas to grow your customer base and stay on top of your marketing game.

Mary Lister
February 17, 2017 | Industry Insights

19 Genius Dental Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice

As a dentist, bringing in good clients, and lots of them, is hard! Here are some smart marketing ideas to make it easier for your potential customers to find your dental practice.

Mary Lister
November 23, 2016 | Industry Insights

5 Data-Driven Lawyer Marketing Strategies

Lawyer marketing is incredibly expensive: especially on AdWords. These data-supported strategies are proven to increase leads and lower CPA. And anyone can do them!

Allen Finn
November 17, 2016 | Industry Insights

Healthcare Marketing Insights for PPC Advertisers [Infographic]

To succeed in the highly competitive field of healthcare marketing, you need the right tools and data. Check out healthcare marketing and advertising trends for 2016.

Larry Kim
August 9, 2016 | Industry Insights

Automotive Advertising Benchmarks & Data for 2016 [Infographic]

If you're doing advertising and marketing for the car or automotive services industry, check out this new data on trends in the car and auto marketing industry from WordStream and Google.

Larry Kim
July 27, 2016 | Industry Insights