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With so many platforms and changes, it’s hard to keep up with digital marketing news. Our in-depth articles share not just what happened, but also the context behind it, what it means for you, perspectives from the community, and action you can take. Use them to find out what you really need to know about Google Ads updates, Facebook changes, SEO news, and more.

Google Marketing Live 2022: The Top 10 Updates You Need to Know

The no-nonsense recap to help you parse out what really matters.

Google Universal Analytics Is Going Away: What You Need to Know

Find out what's changing and what you need to do (and what the heck Universal Analytics is, anyway).

Google Replaces FLoC with Topics API: What You Need to Know

Goodbye FLoC, hello Topics API. Here's your Plain-English translation (and tips!).

Susie Marino
January 27, 2022 | Industry News

9 Popular Email Marketing Strategies to Stop Doing ASAP (+13 to Do Instead)

Just because you can still do them doesn't mean you should! Learn how to stay successful amidst the Apple iOS 15 email privacy updates.

The 10 Biggest PPC Stories of ’21 (& What to Do in ’22!)

This is not a 2021 online advertising scrapbook. It's a survival kit!

Susie Marino
December 7, 2021 | Industry News

The 10 Latest Google Ads Updates: What You Should Know (AND Do)

In this Google Ads updates roundup, learn about the new deals feed for Shopping, enhanced conversions, the budget report, engaged-view conversions, upgraded ad extensions, and more!

Kristen McCormick
November 10, 2021 | Industry News

8 Recent (Important!) Google Ads Updates You Might Have Missed

We're covering the most recent updates to Google Ads from the last month or two that you might have missed, including the sunsetting of ETAs, search terms report changes, new travel ads, and more!

Susie Marino
October 4, 2021 | Industry News

Data-Driven Attribution as the New Default in Google Ads: What You Need to Know

Google is changing the default attribution model for new conversion action—from last-click attribution to data-driven attribution. It's also making changes to some accounts. Get the full scoop here!

Susie Marino
September 30, 2021 | Industry News

New Changes to Google Ads Keyword Matching: What It Really Means

On September 23, 2021 Google announced improvements to broad match and changes in the way it selects keywords for ads. Learn what it all means and how advertisers are reacting.

Kristen McCormick
September 27, 2021 | Industry News

Expanded Text Ads Are Over. Here’s What It Means

Learn how and when Google Ads is sunsetting expanded text ads, what (and what not) you should be concerned about, and what you can do to stay successful with your paid search strategy.

Kristen McCormick
September 2, 2021 | Industry News

NEW Optimized Targeting in Google Ads: What You Need to Know

Learn about what Google Ads optimized targeting is, how and when to set it up for your campaigns, and how it's different from Google Ads audience expansion.

Susie Marino
July 22, 2021 | Industry News

Google Marketing Livestream 2021: What You Really Need to Know

Learn what we have decided are the 17 most important announcements of Google Marketing LiveStream 2021—like enhanced conversions, the Shopify partnership, image extensions, local inventory ads, and so much more!

Google Ads (Finally!) Rolls Out Monthly Spend Limits: What You Need to Know

Finally—you can now set monthly spend limits at the account level! Learn how the Google Ads spend limit works, how to set one up, and what you need to know to get the most out of this feature.

Google Is Making Changes to tCPA & tROAS: What You Need to Know

Google Ads bidding strategies are getting reorganized! This post lays out everything you need to know about tCPA and tROAS, provides tips on how to turn this into an opportunity for your business, and shares what experts in the PPC community think.

Susie Marino
March 31, 2021 | Industry News

Responsive Search Ads Are the New Default in Google Ads: What You Need to Know

As of February of 2021, the default ad type in Google Ads has been switched from Expanded Text Ads to Responsive Search Ads. Learn what's changing for advertisers, how RSAs compare to ETAs, and how to set up and optimize your RSAs—with input and tips from community experts.

Susie Marino
March 11, 2021 | Industry News

Modified Broad Match Is Going Away: What You Need to Know

Google has made yet another short-notice announcement that the modified broad match type in Google Ads will be phased out in February 2021. This post covers what the change means, what Google says about it, what the community says about it, as well as expert tips on how to navigate the change.

Kristen McCormick
February 10, 2021 | Industry News

Here’s What the iOS 14 Update Means for Your Facebook Ads

In this post, we will dissect exactly what the iOS 14 update entails, how it will affect your Facebook advertising, and how you can plan and strategize in response to the update to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.

Brett McHale
January 20, 2021 | Industry News

The Top 10 Online Marketing & Advertising Stories of 2020

We look back at the top 10 digital marketing and online advertising stories of 2020, from COVID-19 to the Page Experience Update to the new search terms report and much more.

Gordon Donnelly
December 14, 2020 | Industry News

Google Reduces Visibility in Search Terms Report: What You Need to Know

As of September 2020, Google has reduced visibility in the Google Ads search terms report. This post covers what has changed, how experts are reacting, and actionable suggestions for navigating this unfortunate shift.

Kristen McCormick
September 3, 2020 | Industry News

The Facebook Boycott: What Small Businesses Need to Know About #StopHateForProfit

More than 100 advertisers have joined the Facebook advertising boycott. Here, we're breaking down the #StopHateForProfit campaign and sharing tips for responding or joining the boycott as a small business.

Google Extends Customer Match to the Display Network

Google announced that advertisers can now use Customer Match retargeting lists on the Google Display Network. Here, we're going over what that means for your account, plus how to get started!

Mark Irvine
May 28, 2020 | Industry News

New Audience Targeting Options Coming to Google Search

Google announced two new audience targeting options for Google Search: affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences. Here, we break down what these audiences are and share how you can make the most of these for your campaigns!

Conor Bond
October 18, 2019 | Industry News

User-Generated Images Come to Google Shopping Reviews

Google recently announced that you can now include user-generated images in Google Shopping reviews. Here, we're telling you what this means, how to sign up, and—most importantly—how to use this update to improve your Google Shopping acount!

Conor Bond
October 16, 2019 | Industry News

Google Changes Nofollow Link Guidelines & More Recent News

In this edition of the online advertising news round-up, we look at Google changing nofollow links, Facebook testing in-app checkout, and more!

Conor Bond
September 19, 2019 | Industry News

Is Google’s Competitive Ad Policy a ‘Shakedown’?

Google's competitive ad policy is under scrutiny after Basecamp CEO Jason Fried's viral tweet. Check out this post for our analysis!

Conor Bond
September 4, 2019 | Industry News