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From TikTok, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Pinterest and much more. The world of social media is a complicated one, and each platform has its own nuances and demographics. Our collection of social media blog posts gives marketers the ability to navigate this complex world; and not only to navigate it, but to thrive in it. From Facebook advertising, to TikTok tips, to knowing the best time to post on Instagram: the WordStream blog is your home for social media marketing.

The Ridiculously Awesome Guide to Facebook Remarketing

For those of you unfamiliar, remarketing works by following your leads around the web with related offers. We’ve all been victim to the power of remarketing--it's time to use it as an ally! Learn all the ins and outs of Facebook remarketing in this comprehensive guide.

47 Social Media Facts To Blow Your Mind

Social media has changed the way we do pretty much everything. We bet some of you can’t even remember a time before social media! Check out these 47 amazing social media facts – and feel free to share them on your own networks to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are!

Dan Shewan
November 13, 2015 | Social Media

Hacking Twitter Ads: Mastering Twitter’s Secret Quality Adjusted Bids Algorithm

Just like its AdWords counterpart, Twitter quality score is nuanced and can be difficult to understand. Let Larry set you straight on what goes into this mysterious formula.

Larry Kim
November 10, 2015 | Social Media

4 Tips for Creating Amazing Facebook Landing Pages

Facebook landing pages are among the most important elements in a paid social campaign. Here are four tips for making landing pages that convert.

Dan Shewan
November 6, 2015 | Landing Pages

10 Things You Need to Know About the New Facebook Search

Larry Kim reveals the 10 things advertisers must know about interworkings of the new Facebook search system.

Larry Kim
October 27, 2015 | Social Media

Clean Up Your Conversion Tracking Mess with the New Streamlined Facebook Pixel

Facebook recently announced the launch of a new, streamlined tracking pixel for advertisers (a huge improvement!). Here's what you need to know.

Brett McHale
October 27, 2015 | Social Media

Invite Email Contacts & 4 Other Hidden Facebook Features You NEED to Know

Some of Facebook's most powerful features are easily overlooked. Check out the five hidden Facebook features, including invite email contacts, that you need to know!

Larry Kim
October 26, 2015 | Social Media

11 Unbelievably Specific Facebook Audiences You Can Target

Facebook is at the forefront when it comes to targeting options to home in on your business’s buyer personas and show them the most relevant offerings. Check out these 11 unbelievably specific Facebook audiences you can target, and beware – they get more and more granular as the list goes on.

Margot Whitney
October 20, 2015 | Social Media

5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

There is one social network that ALL marketers and advertisers simply cannot ignore, and that network is Facebook. Check out the five top reasons why you should be running ad campaigns on Facebook to reach your best audience of potential customers.

Margot Whitney
October 14, 2015 | Social Media

3 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Leverage PPC for Facebook Ads

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Check out these 3 hacks to leverage your PPC data and apply a similar strategy to your ads on Facebook.

3 Game-Changing Improvements to Facebook Ads

As of January 2015, Facebook became largest than the largest country in the world (i.e. China)! With 1.49 billion monthly users, it’s critical to keep up to date with the most game-changing tweaks the platform is making. Facebook ads keep getting more effective. To keep you up to speed, I’ve laid out the three most thrilling improvements Facebook has made to their advertising platform in the last few weeks.

Margot Whitney
September 24, 2015 | Social Media

LinkedIn Ads Rolls Out New Campaign Management Tool (And I Love It)

It was with great interest that I took LinkedIn’s new ads campaign management tool for a test drive this summer. After all, I was pretty critical of their ad platform last spring.

Larry Kim
September 21, 2015 | Social Media

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost? A Definitive Guide

A common question that arises when discussing Facebook advertising, generally right after "Do Facebook ads work," is “How much do Facebook ads cost?” We answer that question and much, much more in this all-encompassing guide to Facebook advertising.

Brett McHale
September 14, 2015 | Social Media

Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Lead Gen: The Complete Guide

Facebook can be an incredibly powerful channel for lead generation. Here's how to maximize those leads with more effective Facebook ads.

Brett McHale
August 5, 2015 | Social Media

The Top 10 Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time

The secret to lowering ad costs is increasing engagement. In this guide, social expert Larry Kim offers 10 tips to create truly stellar social media campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Larry Kim
July 21, 2015 | Social Media

Behold the Amazing Power of Twitter Hashtags

Why use Twitter hashtags? Because they can dramatically increase your reach! See the power of trending hashtags in action.

Larry Kim
July 1, 2015 | Social Media

3 Facebook Post Publishing Features for Crazy-High Engagement

Let’s take a look at three specific, crazy-powerful Facebook publishing features you can use to drive more shares, comments and likes on your Facebook posts.

Larry Kim
May 15, 2015 | Social Media

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Twitter Ads for Lead Gen

Using Twitter ads for lead generation is all about strategy. In this post I’ll show you how to see a direct return on your Twitter ads investment.

Brett McHale
April 28, 2015 | Social Media

7 Secrets For Crazy Clickable Social Media Buttons

You want your content to be shared as much as possible, right?! Learn tips and best practices for implementing highly clickable social media buttons on your website or blog.

Megan Marrs
April 23, 2015 | Social Media

Introducing Quality Score for Facebook: FB’s Ad Relevance Score Determines Ad Cost & Placement

Facebook recently announced its new Relevance Score metric for advertisers. Here's what it means for your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Larry Kim
March 30, 2015 | Social Media

The Top 15 PPC Experts to Follow on Twitter

Who should you follow on Twitter? Here the top 15 AdWords and Bing Ads PPC experts you should be following on Twitter to stay informed.

Erin Sagin
March 25, 2015 | Social Media

17 Stars Who Made Social Media Careers Out Of Goofing Around Online

Want a career in social media? Check out these 17 stars who turned their hobbies into high-profile, high-earning social media careers.

Megan Marrs
March 18, 2015 | Social Media

LinkedIn Ads Review: 8 Things I Hate About LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a powerful way to make industry connections and publish content. Unfortunately, it's a terrible ad platform. Here are eight reasons why I hate LinkedIn ads.

Larry Kim
March 17, 2015 | Social Media

Your Facebook Company Page is About to Lose Likes! But, Why?

Facebook is scraping through stale accounts and getting rid of inactive accounts. Learn how this could affect the number of page Likes to your company profile.

Margot Whitney
March 9, 2015 | Social Media

7 Things You Need to Know About New Dynamic Facebook Product Ads

Facebook is really killing it with ad targeting lately, and the new dynamic Facebook Product Ads are no exception. Learn everything you need to know about the new Facebook product ads.

Larry Kim
February 23, 2015 | Social Media

5 Ways to Get 10x More Retweets on Twitter

Want more RT's, engagement, and followers on Twitter? Learn five ridiculously powerful ways to get more retweets and expand your presence on Twitter.

Larry Kim
February 5, 2015 | Social Media

5 Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies

If you advertise on Facebook, you probably know you can target audiences with a dozen different ad formats and thousands of possible ad targeting parameters. Here are 5 ridiculously powerful Facebook ad targeting strategies you probably haven't heard of.

Larry Kim
January 28, 2015 | Social Media