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Google Maps & Directions for Mobile

Google Maps is one of Google’s star mobile products, raising the bar for mobile map and GPS apps.  Google Maps mobile features fast loading and reliable directions. Google Maps to and from directions are available for driving by car, public transportation, biking, and walking.

Google Maps and Directions: Extra Features

Google Maps for mobile also contains indoor maps, downloadable offline Google maps, and 3D Google Maps. In addition, Google Maps street view lets users see exactly what their destination looks like from the street, while Google Maps satellite view and Google Maps earth view provide high-definition aerial views of the world’s terrain.

Google Maps distance calculator makes it easy to see the exact mileage from your point of origin to destination, and Google Maps traffic offers a real-time live traffic overlay with color-coded highlights showing points of light, moderate, and heavy traffic.

Google Maps mobile also offers integration with Google+ Local, helping users find nearby dining options and entertainment in their current vicinity. Google Offers is also built in to assist users in finding current local deals and discounts.


Android Google Maps vs. iPhone Google Maps

While Google Maps for iPhone contains many of the mobile Google Maps app’s most popular features like maps, GPS coordinates and guidance, live transit updates, bicycling directions, and street view, not all options are available. Features like Google Maps Compass Mode and My Location, which help users orient themselves on the map, are only available for Google Maps Android.

Add Business to Google Maps

Local businesses can show up on Google Maps mobile when users are nearby. If you are wondering how to get on Google Maps, all you need to do is ensure that you’ve set up your Google Places listing. Getting your business listed on Google Places will then add your business to Google Maps and the Google+ Local integration.

Google Maps improves the local search experience with geo-targeted ads, benefiting advertisers hoping to promote their local business. With 1 in 4 Google searches related to local, Google Maps marketing is key in making it easy for users to find nearby solutions to meet their needs.

The Google Maps download is available on the Google Play Market or iTunes App Store.

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