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Keyword Level Destination URLs – Enabling Destination URLs with WordStream

While WordStream allows you to create PPC campaign structures quickly and efficiently, we understand people often have their own processes.

NOTE: This is an advanced feature. If you’re unsure of whether this would be of use in your WordStream account, contact us for more information.

For this reason, we developed keyword level tracking parameters. While many advertisers won’t require this feature, WordStream users who are using keyword URLs (as opposed to ad text level URLs) in their campaigns can now enable this URL option.

 WordStream’s custom parameters allow you to track various metrics, however.

Creating Keyword Level Destination URLs with Wordstream

The process is very simple. First, take a look at your existing URL structure. If you’re using Google Analytics, it will likely look something like this:


You very well may have a number of other parameters attached. Either way there are a few things to note about the parameters, or the portion of the URL after the ?. Let’s break down the parameter above:

  • utm_src – This is a type of tracking parameter. It’s utm for Google Analytics, and is telling us the source of this traffic. Other Web analytic providers or a custom package will not use the same parameter.
  • AdWords – This is the value. In this case, the source of our traffic is Google AdWords.

It’s important to know what your current URL structure looks like, so that you can apply it to your WordStream account.

Next, you’ll simply start to apply a URL structure to your WordStream account. You can set just one destination URL at the Ad Group level, and WordStream will automatically append accurate, dynamic keyword level URLs.

Navigate to the Create PPC Campaigns tab, then the Ad Group tab, then edit your group.

First, you’ll have to set a URL label:

Destination URLs start with URL label in WordStream.

The URL label comes into play if you plan to track the Ad Group sending traffic in your analytics.

When you enable the custom URL, you can then choose from a number of different values that WordStream will pull dynamically:

Keyword destination URLs allow you to capture all kinds of data at the keyword level.

As you can see, you can track:

  • wskeyword – The keyword that triggered the visit to your site.
  • wskeywordmatchtype – The match type of that keyword.
  • wskeywordmaxcpc – The keyword level max CPC of the keyword.
  • wscampaign – The campaign name in the which the keyword was located within AdWords.
  • wsadgroup – The Ad Group (what shows up in your analytics will be the text from your URL label above) in which the keyword was located.
  • wsadgroupmaxcpc – The max CPC of your Ad Group.

Simply choose the metrics you’d like to track and build your URL. For instance, if we wanted to track the campaign, Ad Group, and keyword that triggered our ad in Google Analytics, we would use the following URL:


Note that we can simply set one URL at the Ad Group level, and WordStream will assign keyword-level values to each of the keywords within your Ad Group. Also, note that we’re separating values with an & symbol.

Learn More About Keyword Level Destination URLs

To learn more about this feature, feel free to contact us or to reach out to your account representative for help setting up your URLs. If you don’t have a representative yet, sign up for a free trial or request a demo today.

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