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Keyword Suggestion – Thousands of Relevant Keywords Suggestions

Keyword suggestions are a pivotal factor in the success or failure of a search engine marketing campaign. Obviously, you need to be bidding on and targeting the right keywords. But there’s more to it than that.

Simply conducting traditional keyword research isn’t enough.You need to establish a system that offers you a constant stream of keyword suggestions.

Having keywords perpetually generated for you by a keyword suggestion tool offers three core benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Resource (Labor) Savings
  • More Precise Targeting

In the coming paragraphs, you’ll learn more about why this is the case, and about how to implement just such a system for keyword suggestion.

Perpetual keyword suggestion: Why it matters

If I have one traffic source, I’m stuck.

Manipulating your bids can only get you so far. In raising and lowering bids, you’re eventually put to a decision:

  • Raise Bids and Increase Conversion and Traffic Volume…Pay More for Your Conversions – First part sounds pretty good, right? But the problem is that in raising bids, you’re paying more for every click. Conversions will also cost more. So you’re not only paying more in terms of overall budget, you’re paying more for every click.
  • Keep Bids and Costs Low…Keep Conversion Volume Low Too – In every keyword vertical there exists “low hanging fruit.” Strong keyword research and low bids can keep your cost per acquisition low. The problem is, you can’t expand and increase your conversions without raising your bids (and increasing the amount you pay for each conversion).

The conundrum is represented in the following graph:


Keyword suggestion helps you to transcend this graph

So bid management allows you to have more conversions and a higher cost per conversion, or a lower cost per conversion and a cap on how many leads and sales you’re able to acquire.

Keyword suggestion offers you a third option: Find more of the cheap conversions.

Keyword suggestion reveals new keyword verticals to you. Instead of trying to squeeze the most you can out of a single keyword vertical, you can now discover new verticals and pick the low hanging fruit.

Basically, instead of moving up the graph and continually paying more for additional conversions, you’re just starting over with a new graph (and new low-cost conversion opportunities).

So, instead of increasing bids so that you are paying more per acquisition, you increase opportunities so that you are maintaining low conversion costs and increasing conversion numbers.

So how do you easily and reliably find more keywords to target, without sacrificing relevance or accuracy?

The Advantages of Our Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword software from WordStream offers you an endless stream of highly relevant, traffic-driving keyword suggestions:

  • More extensive keyword suggestions – You get virtually unlimited access to our industry-leading keyword data (with more than 1 trillion search queries!), so you can find new keyword opportunities every day. This provides you with an expanding list of keywords and an ever-growing circle of potential consumers.
  • Unique keyword suggestions – Subscribing to the Keyword Research Suite provides you with an exclusive source of keyword suggestions and keyword phrases that your competitors don’t have.
  • Relevant, actionable suggestions – Our keyword tool delivers more accurate data and more actionable keyword suggestions, including pre-grouped niches of related keywords you can use in your pay-per-click campaigns.

WordStream’s Keyword Suggestion Tools & Resources

WordStream’s tools and resources for generating keywords for your search marketing efforts include:

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool – Our keyword tool delivers thousands of keyword suggestions, and you can use it once a day, for free!
  • Keyword niches – Learn how to use keyword niches to find the most valuable segments for your keywords.
  • Keyword grouping – Already have a list of keywords? Learn how to use effective keyword grouping to sort them into manageable clusters.
  • Negative keywords: Leveraging negative keywords gives you tighter control over budget, so your PPC campaigns can achieve higher ROI.

WordStream gives you more data than the average tool, along with actionable insights that present you with a tangible advantage over competitors in your space.

The Value of WordStream Keyword Suggestions

So why is all this functionality valuable? WordStream’s keyword suggestion capabilities help enhance your search marketing campaigns in three very important ways:

  • More and better qualified traffic – You can collect literally millions of keywords with the right tools, many of those terms unique long-tail keywords. In addition to the fact that long-tail keywords make up the majority of traffic, these are highly specific search terms, and represent a higher level of intent from the searcher.
  • Less expensive clicks – Long-tail keyword suggestions are considerably less expensive to bid on than the more popular variations, so you can generate traffic and leads for a much lower cost.
  • An ever-broadening keyword portfolio – You’ll have new keyword suggestions grounded in actual user data presented to you daily.

Herein lies the really powerful advantage offered by WordStream’s keyword suggestion capabilities: you can constantly expand your reach by adding new keywords (which then introduce other, new, related keywords).

You can then utilize our negative keyword tool to strengthen these new keyword verticals, refining your existing keyword segmentations by indentifying negative keywords while you add new ones.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

The best keyword suggestion tools will:

  • Give You an Edge: Amass and maintain a constantly growing list of exclusive keywords.
  • Lower Your Costs: Find inexpensive clicks, and pay the absolute minimum for them.
  • Increase and Improve Your Traffic: Generate a consistently increasing flow of traffic, and find clicks with specific intent that are late in the buying cycle to optimize conversion rates.
  • Discover New Keyword Verticals: Instead of raising bids on the keywords that convert, find new keywords at lower acquisition prices.

To take advantage of the actionable keyword suggestions provided by WordStream today, test-drive all our keyword tools FREE right now!

Like our Keyword Tool? Try our Free AdWords Performance Grader!

Wordstream’s AdWords Performance Grader is a revolutionary new tool that helps you evaluate how your AdWords campaigns are performing on several key criteria such as:

  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • Effective use of negative keywords
  • Quality Score

This sophisticated tool allows you to compare your Performance Grader score with competitors in similar spend brackets, giving you a sense as to where you fit into the competitive landscape.

The AdWords Performance Grader has been designed by PPC experts to show you where your campaign is struggling and how to make adjustments that will improve your performance and increase your ROI. It’s an advanced in-depth analysis, and it’s absolutely free!

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