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Pay-Per-Click Marketing: More Than Just The Right Keywords

There is more to pay-per-click marketing than bidding on keywords. Keyword research is at the heart of any successful PPC marketing program. If you’re not focusing on the right keywords, ones that your target audience is likely to be searching on, you can’t expect to be able to drive qualified traffic to your site. Beyond keyword research, however, there are many continuous and arduous tasks that pay-per-click marketing entails.

WordStream’s keyword management solution is based on the principle that keyword research fuels the decisions you make about your PPC marketing campaigns, and that proper keyword management provides the foundation to manage all of the other tasks involved in a successful PPC marketing program. Building from the keyword level upward, WordStream gets to the heart of pay-per-click marketing with a data-based, results-driven approach that keeps all of your PPC and SEO tools in one place.

Find out how WordStream can help you build your pay-per-click marketing campaign on a solid foundation of keywords, and learn a bit more about what successful PPC search engine marketing involves.

PPC Marketing Requires Bidding On the Right Keywords

In order to see the best results from your paid search advertising, you need to be sure that you’re bidding on the right keywords. What are these keywords and how do you find them?

The right keywords are the terms that qualified visitors are typing to find your site with the intention of buying something. You want to find out what your target audience is looking for, and provide an easy avenue for them to find it on your site so they can become a paying customer.

In essence, great PPC marketing comes down to great keyword research, so by creating a solid list of highly specific, targeted keywords, you’re automatically setting yourself up for an easier time creating and managing your pay per click ads, with a higher click-through rate and better Quality Score from the get-go.

Finding these keywords couldn’t be easier with WordStream. All you have to do is plug a small snippet of code into your website and WordStream will retrieve data from your traffic logs, showing you exactly what people are searching for and helping you to channel these terms into organized keyword groups.

From there, you can make these keywords work for your PPC marketing campaign by instantly turning them into ad groups, creating optimized landing pages to associate with your text ads, and running your campaign.

Create Google AdWords ad groups from your keyword groups with WordStream's pay per click marketing software.

Sounds a lot better than trying to guess what words your users are looking for and managing a tiny, limited list with uncertain results, doesn’t it?

PPC Marketing Is Not a One-Time Activity

PPC and SEO are iterative processes that require constant updating. With traditional approaches to PPC marketing, there’s the danger of missing opportunities and falling behind the competition because you’re unable to keep up with all of the laborious tasks involved in maintaining and growing your campaigns.

In order to drive more traffic to your site, you as a search marketer need to be constantly:

  • Changing and improving your campaign ads
  • Expanding your keyword list
  • Organizing your keywords into keyword and ad groups
  • Analyzing data and turning that into the right actions on your campaigns
  • Filtering unwanted keywords into negative keyword lists
  • Monitoring progress
  • And more.

All of your PPC marketing actions are fueled by effective keyword research, and just as keyword research can’t stop after one small list is created, neither can the actions you take on that list. WordStream frees you of this burden by working with you to provide suggestions for action based on real site data. It does the grunt work for you so you can remain in control of how your data is handled, but without the constant stress of managing every part of your PPC marketing campaigns by hand.

Successful PPC Marketing Involves Collaboration

Collaboration with pay-per-click marketing takes several forms. First, you need the collaboration of your team members and contributors. This is best accomplished through the use of an analytics and keyword-driven interface. WordStream provides all of the functionality needed to prepare and execute your PPC marketing campaign from one central hub.

WordStream’s interface gives you the ability to research and manage keywords, create ad groups and ad text, monitor your PPC campaign progress, even remove negative keywords from your ad groups. It integrates directly with Google AdWords, so you can actually manage every facet of your AdWords account right from a tab in WordStream’s dashboard.

Go right to your Google AdWords account with WordStream's integrated dashboard.

This lets your team collaborate by keeping everyone on the same plane with an organized workspace instead of juggling an assortment of PPC tools that have different logins and functionalities.

Collaboration also comes into play in the way that WordStream approaches pay-per-click marketing. With WordStream, you bring together the functionalities of analytics software with the opportunity to take appropriate action on that data, enabling your team to make the best use of all angles of your PPC campaign strategy.

Experience PPC Marketing Success with WordStream’s Keyword Management Software

Keyword research and management are the foundation for effective PPC marketing, but you also need to be able to create your ads, monitor them, make decisions, automate the iterative tasks associated with this repeated process, and have time to manage your team and collaborate. WordStream brings functionality to you from start to finish, and continues working for you long after you’ve gone home for the day. Accomplish more, save more, and enjoy more benefits of a top-notch PPC campaign with WordStream. From here, you can:

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