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Biotechnology Marketing Tips and Tricks

Biotechnology sounds far more complicated than it actually is. The definition is simple, and it’s right there in the name: biotechnology is technology based on biology. In fact, cheese—yes, like the stuff Packers fans wear on their heads—is regarded as a feat of biotechnology. Cheese is made through the manipulation of milk, thereby qualifying it as a biotechnological product.

Not so scary anymore, huh?

As you can imagine, biotech extends far beyond dairy products. It’s the reason we have hundreds of life-saving vaccines. It’s also the reason farmers have been able to defeat tons of pests and yield far more food than ever before. So, yeah—biotechnology is pretty important.

Now, hunker down with some wine and a plate of coagulated milk proteins. Here are our best online advertising tips for marketers in the biotechnology industry.

Let’s begin with the companies that use biotech to produce vaccines and medications. These companies make money by getting contracts from governments and international organizations, so there’s not much value in providing Google Ads tips. Public relations, however, is immensely important. That’s where social video content comes in. Pharmaceutical companies seeking to gain the support of the public should create short informational videos to clearly illustrate all the good that their products do for global health. Posting these videos to Facebook is a great way to engage with skeptical citizens and earn the shares necessary to boost company visibility.

Elsewhere, biotechnology gives farmers the products they need to kill pest and produce more food for us to eat. Companies that manufacture these yield-boosting products need to optimize their pay-per-click (PPC) ads in order to stand out amongst competitors. One terrific way to drive more clicks is to move your special offers from your ad descriptions to your ad headlines. Busy farmers eager to get rid of crop-killing pests don’t want to meticulously evaluate every character of every search ad. Writing a headline like “Solve Your Pest Problem Today | Free Shipping for First-Time Customers” makes your ad impossible to ignore. Plus, if you include glowing customer testimonials on your landing pages, you’ll drive more conversions in no time.

Pest control marketers can also skip the landing pages all together and use call-only campaigns. A call-only campaign is exactly what it sounds like: it creates ads that hyperlink your company’s phone number rather than your website. These are highly effective when it’s especially important for the seller to earn the trust of the buyer. Ostensibly, farmers want to buy pesticides from companies they trust. Unless you landing pages are immaculate, you risk losing potential conversions at this part of the funnel. Alternatively, if you allow farmers to directly contact a sales representative right away, you have a better chance of establishing trust and making a sale.

A crucial yet lesser-known application of biotech is the development of eco-friendly biofuels that emit far less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels do. We can all agree that the mitigation of climate change is the main selling point for biofuels, and your company should keep this in mind when building your website. An educational blog is a fantastic way to drive more organic traffic. If you publish accessible, data-backed blogs with the intent of educating average citizens about climate change, you can earn links from authoritative scientific institutions. This will boost your website towards the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), thus making your company much more visible and driving many more leads to your sales team.

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