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Golf Marketing Tips and Tricks

In the early 2010s, acclaimed rapper, producer, director, and fashion designer Tyler, the Creator created a character named Thurnis Haley for his Adult Swim sketch comedy show, Loiter Squad. The character went viral after his television debut, and fans were soon reciting his signature catchphrase like scripture:

“All I do is golf.”

Although Thurnis Haley was a little on the older side and beyond idiosyncratic, his message struck a chord with millions of people across the U.S. He claimed to live a life that so many regularly dreamed about: a life of nothing but golf.

Golf marketers know that competitive and leisurely players alike eagerly await the melting of the winter’s last snow and deeply dread its return in December. What golf marketers may not know  is how to master online advertising. That’s why we’re here—to provide actionable advice that’s proven to increase brand visibility, boost conversions, and minimize wasted ad spend.

Let’s talk demographics, courtesy of Statistic Brain data. Over 75% of the 29 million Americans who play golf are men, and 83% of them are at least 40 years old. This handful of numbers is immensely informative for marketers of golf courses and equipment—you should be primarily targeting middle-aged and elderly men. Using the demographics features within Google Ads, you can narrow your reach such that your ads show principally to older men. Doing so will yield several great results: your click-through rates (CTRs) will increase, your costs per click (CPC) will fall, your ad ranks will improve, and your conversion rates (CVRs) will rise.

All because you took the time to focus on the most relevant audience of prospects.

To that same end, golf marketers should take advantage of Google Ads geo-targeting, too. Statistic Brain reports that 68% of American golfers are homeowners. That number is even higher if you exclude golfers under the age of 30, who are considerably less likely to own homes. Evidently, focusing your ads on suburban and rural prospects is likely to drive the most ROI. Remember—more clicks yields cheaper clicks.

Now that we’ve discussed to whom and where you should target your paid search ads, we should go over some best practices for ad creation.

First things first—those keywords you see above are really, really broad. The core advantage of broad keywords (otherwise known as head terms) is that they drive super high search volume. The flip side of that, however, is that the competition is fierce and the CPCs are high. As such, you need to bid on long-tail keywords—longer, more specific terms that drive lower search volumes at lower costs. For example, bidding on “light weight driver strong grip” rather than simply “driver” will drive more clicks from a more relevant audience. Do some keyword research and see which long-tail terms drive sufficient volume while still giving you a chance.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to incorporate some emotional appeal. Remember that you’re targeting primarily older men. It’s a safe bet that their bodies don’t work quite as well as they used to. Tap into this frustration in your headlines, your description, or both. Try a headline like “Swing Like You’re 25 Again” and a description along the lines of “Don’t let back pain keep you off the course. Use clubs that will keep you aligned and make you feel young again.” These are doubly effective because they demonstrate both empathy and positive sentiment. Test, test, test!

Finally, if you want to drive more organic traffic to your site, consider adding a blog to your website. Here, you can write articles about the latest news and trends in the golf world, along with general lifestyle posts. If you can produce personable, high-quality content that earns links from other websites in the golf industry, you can expect to drive a whole lot more business through the organic search results.

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