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Negative Keyword Alerts: How WordStream Can Save You Thousands in PPC Costs

Google AdWords is good at telling you how to spend more money within your PPC campaigns, but if you’re looking to save money when it comes to paid search marketing, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands. Why? Because Google profits when your advertising spend is high!

That’s where WordStream comes in. Our Negative Keyword Alerts, part of the 20-Minute PPC Work Week, are a revolutionary way to control costs in PPC. Negative Keyword Alerts tell you exactly where you’re already wasting money in your campaigns, so you can go directly to the source of the waste and eliminate it immediately.

Your priorities as a marketer or business owner are a little bit different – you’re using AdWords because you expect to see a return on your investment. To ensure that your ROI is high, you need to:

  • Spend money only on targeted keywords and qualified clicks
  • Filter out spending on unprofitable keywords and clicks that don’t convert

Again, Google doesn’t help you do this because it’s not in their best interest to curtail your spending. But doing this work manually – staying on top of all your ad groups and campaigns, looking for keywords that don’t perform well or are irrelevant to your business – can take up an enormous amount of effort. Most PPC managers don’t have the time to regularly check every ad group for these underperformers, so they have no idea how much money they’re wasting.

  • Negative Keyword Alerts show you the top 10 actions you can take immediately to cut costs
  • See exactly how much money you’re saving with each action
  • Proactively discover and set negative keywords to stop waste before it starts

Some PPC applications tell you when there’s a problem in your account, but they don’t tell you what to do about it. A diagnosis isn’t worth much if it doesn’t point to a cure. But WordStream doesn’t just alert you to problems, it tells you how to fix them.

The Benefits of Negative Keyword Alerts

WordStream’s Negative Keyword Alerts are designed to help busy search marketers and small business advertisers get their work done faster and improve their bottom line. The benefits are clear:

  • Save money – Each Negative Keyword Alert tells you how much money you’re wasting in a given ad group or campaign, and consequently how much you’ll save by filtering out unwanted clicks.
  • Save time – Don’t waste time combing through every nook and cranny of your AdWords account. WordStream’s smart negative keyword tools automatically find areas of wasted spend in your campaigns.
  • Improve workflow – Negative Keyword Alerts guide you to the actions that will have the most impact on your profits first, so you’ll know your time and effort is well spent.


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