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Third-Party Search Marketing Tools

Google, Bing, and other online advertising platforms provide advertisers with plenty of tools to evaluate the performance of their PPC campaigns and make informed decisions about their advertising spend.

However, there is just as much – if not more – functionality that, unfortunately, isn’t provided to advertisers as standard. That’s why WordStream’s range of free tools and PPC management software can help you grow your business through the power of paid search and paid social.

Free Third-Party Search Marketing Tools

WordStream Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Larry Kim, started WordStream in 2007 out of a desire to create better, more intuitive PPC management tools than Google provided to AdWords advertisers at that time.

Since then, WordStream has continually improved upon its range of free tools, in addition to offering even more ways for advertisers to take control of their online advertising campaigns.

The AdWords Performance Grader

Google AdWords is the largest and, arguably, most powerful online advertising platform in the world. AdWords advertisers can cost-effectively accomplish a huge range of marketing goals using AdWords, from lead generation to competitive ecommerce retail. However, for all its power, AdWords can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with PPC. This often results in wasted spend, missed opportunities, and the perpetuation of misconceptions about the effectiveness of PPC advertising.

That’s why WordStream created the AdWords Performance Grader.


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This remarkable free third-party PPC tool provides users with a comprehensive audit of their pay-per-click campaigns in 60 seconds or less. The AdWords Performance Grader quickly and securely evaluates the user’s AdWords account according to 10 crucial PPC metrics, including ad text optimization, impression share, and CTR.

This information is then provided in an intuitive dashboard format that highlights areas in which performance is strong, and where adjustments need to be made for optimal returns.

How to Use Google AdWords Performance Grader Ad Text Optimization


No other free tool available provides as comprehensive or accurate a PPC audit as the WordStream AdWords Performance Grader. Try it for free today and see even greater returns from your advertising spend.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool

Although PPC advertising has come a long way during the past 15 years, for many advertisers, it all comes back to the simplest of foundations – keywords.

PPC campaigns live and die by keyword optimization. A well-optimized pay-per-click campaign can offer advertisers unparalleled exposure to potential new leads, customers, and sales. To help those new to the world of paid search start off on the right foot, WordStream created its Free Keyword Tool.

How to Use Google AdWords WordStream Free Keyword Tool results

Simply enter a starting keyword to begin. Upon entering a keyword, the Free Keyword Tool will provide you with a set of related keywords that you can use as the basis for a PPC campaign, ad group, or individual text ad.

From there, you can refine your keyword research using the suggestions as the basis for further searches, or simply include these in your relevant campaigns.

Try WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool now. Also, learn how to use identify negative keywords from your new keyword lists. 

Third-Party Search Marketing Management

In addition to its wide range of free tools and graders, WordStream offers the most intuitive, comprehensive PPC and paid social management platform available – WordStream Advisor.


Product marketing WordStream Advisor main dashboard


WordStream Advisor makes online advertising easy. From the centralized dashboard, WordStream Advisor users can see at-a-glance how their PPC and paid social accounts are performing. The 20-Minute PPC Work Week, the core technology at the heart of WordStream Advisor, provides users with personalized recommendations based on account activity and performance, enabling advertisers to effortlessly make immediate changes to their campaigns without spending hours sifting through analytics data. This allows advertisers to focus on what really matters – growing their business and taking care of their customers.


WordStream Advisor 20 Minute PPC Work Week

The reporting functionality within WordStream Advisor couldn’t be easier to use. Each report is presented in an intuitive visual format, allowing advertisers to quickly diagnose problems and make impactful changes based on WordStream Advisor’s personalized recommendations. Users can also access their Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads campaigns from a single dashboard. This centralized access makes managing multiple campaigns and accounts easy, without having to access each account individually.


Third Party PPC tools WordStream Advisor Shopping campaign


WordStream Advisor is fully compatible with AdWords Shopping campaigns and other specialized advertising formats such as Expanded Text Ads. With landing page and ad creation tools available directly within the platform, WordStream Advisor has everything advertisers need to create, launch, and manage paid search and paid social campaigns from an easy, secure, centralized location.

In addition, WordStream Advisor’s proprietary Call Tracking functionality allows advertisers to track what, to many businesses, are their most valuable source of leads and sales – phone calls. WordStream’s Call Tracking technology can track specific phone calls back to the original keyword that prompted the prospect to pick up the phone, allowing for remarkably targeted ads to businesses’ most valued prospects and significantly higher conversion rates from offline channels.


Third Party PPC tools WordStream Advisor Call Tracking

Call Tracking also allows users to record, monitor, and archive recordings of individual calls, offering businesses invaluable insights into how customers are interacting with your business and the opportunity for unparalleled customer service.

Ideal for small- to medium-sized business, agencies, entrepreneurs, and PPC professionals, WordStream Advisor is the most fully featured online advertising management platform available today. Sign up for a free trial and see how much time and money you could save by using WordStream to manage your online advertising efforts.

Or, learn more about our Managed Services offering: our team of in-house experts can fully manage your search marketing campaigns for you. Get a free consultation here.

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