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Web Analytics – Search Insights You Can Act On Today

Web analytics can essentially be defined as:

The process of tracking how visitors interact with your website.

If you or your client are attempting to make money on the Web, however, and are establishing a website in the hopes of growing your business, we need to tack on three additional words:

The process of tracking how visitors’ interactions with your site affect your business.

WordStream PPC management software includes Web analytics tools that are:

  • Search-Focused – The information provided by the software is streamlined; WordStream’s Google AdWords analytics reporting is designed to present you with data based on actual search traffic that is specifically useful for your search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Actionable – While analysis and reporting are important, acting on the insights derived from this data is essential to PPC success. WordStream recognizes this and ensures that every piece of data collected through web analytics is introduced into a dashboard that allows you take action: quickly group and organize keywords, attach ad text, and post them to your Google AdWords account instantly.

This means that you’ll be more productive and effective in your PPC campaigns.

Our Web Analytics Software: How it Works

WordStream is an integrated PPC management system, not a “traditional” Web analytics toolset. WordStream will help you understand and leverage data about who finds your website through paid search.

Web Analytics

WordStream’s Web analytics tools are specially designed to help drive high-intent traffic to your website, traffic that will increase your profit margins and help grow your business. The tools accomplish this by:

  • Offering Only Essential Data – Many times, a Web analytics dashboard will be full of confusing metrics and daunting charts and graphs that deal with everything from usability to search. WordStream Web analytics focuses on the interrelationship of analysis and actio, and provides you with a straightforward look at the crucial statistics that will make or break your search marketing campaign (and subsequently will determine the success of your online marketing endeavors).
  • Integrating Web Analytics Information into an Actionable Platform – This is key: Analytic data is of no value to your business if you can’t and/or don’t actually act on it. WordStream not only collects information about your website: it also funnels it into your WordStream dashboard, where you can start to respond to the information WordStream’s Web analytics tools have gathered for you.

Thus, you’ll be armed with easy to understand metrics that indicate which actions will help you bring purchase-minded traffic to your site.

Then you can instantly take action.

Here’s how it works…

Web Marketing Analytics

A lot of the power of WordStream’s Web analytics tools lies in the things that they ignore.

A search marketing focused solution, WordStream won’t offer you complicated “data pukes” and leave you to interpret the information for yourself. WordStream recognizes that success in PPC is reliant on a keyword and analytics-driven solution that’s integrated in a shared workspace, without unnecessary overflows of data that will hinder your progress.

By integrating directly with your AdWords account, WordStream software provides you with invaluable insights about how best to optimize your campaign so that you can attract more search traffic and achieve higher Quality Scores.

This will not only ensure that your keyword database grows on a continuous basis, with new, highly relevant keywords added to your research every day. It also provides you with invaluable data on which keywords are driving the most traffic and conversions. The difference is, this analytic data is fully actionable in WordStream. You can actually take action on the data the moment you see it, something you can’t do in an analytics application alone.

WordStream Web analytics enable you to:

  • Be More Efficient – In being able to visualize which words and word groupings are driving traffic and sales, you can better prioritize workflow, dedicating your time and efforts to the areas of your search engine marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Improve Your Results – Being able to view and respond to this critical information is essential to the construction of successful search marketing campaigns.

But, in order to truly capitalize on even the most intelligently streamlined set of important metrics with web analytics, you need to have a means of efficiently acting on the data being presented to you.

You Need More Than a Web Analytics Tool

It’s not enough to be fed static numbers that you can’t pivot and implement into your marketing efforts.

WordStream immediately introduces each and every Web metric it collects into your account dashboard. From there, you can take your researched keywords and start manipulating them. For example, if you find a keyword that’s not performing well in your account, you can instantly pause it, so you don’t continue to waste money on those clicks.

Keyword Analytics

From within your WordStream account you can put your data to work in the following ways:

  • QueryStream – With QueryStream you can instantly act on the search queries that drive visitors to your site — adding them to existing ad groups, setting them as negatives and more.
  • Kill Low-Return Keywords – Pause or delete keywords that aren’t delivering results. WordStream helps you pinpoint those keywords, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.
  • Grow Your Account – Quickly and easily find new areas to improve and expand so you can keep growing your reach and finding new customers.

With WordStream, you’ll have more than just data, you’ll have the tools and guidance you need to make that data work for you, and make your business better.

Try WordStream’s Web Analytics Capabilities for Free

If you’re looking for a Web analytics tool that will actually help you drive traffic and leads to your website, Try WordStream Free Today.

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