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Environmental Marketing Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking into the highest-volume keywords related to environmentalism, chances are you’re marketing renewable energy or fuel-efficient cars. Either way, you’re tapping into a rapidly growing marketplace: American consumers are always looking for ways to live more sustainable lifestyles and reduce their carbon footprints.

Whether they’re riding public transit to and from work, buying reusable straws, or cutting meat out of their diets, more and more consumers are going green every day. As exciting as this is for marketers in the renewable energy and hybrid car sectors, it’s always a challenge to rise above the competition. That’s why we’re here—to provide the tips and tricks you need to improve your online advertising performance.

Renewable Energy Marketing Tips and Tricks

Some purchases are made without a second thought. When you and your roommates are slowly making your way home from the bar at 2:30 AM, the decision to get pizza is almost instinctive. By contrast, the decision to purchase household solar panels comes after weeks, or even months, of in-depth research. That’s why renewable energy marketers need to remarket to prospects via the Google Display Network (GDN).

GDN remarketing is pretty straightforward. If someone interested in solar panels clicks on your ad in the Google search results and leaves your site without converting, she becomes a remarketing prospect. In the following days and weeks, as she goes about her normal Internet business, your prospect will see Display ads for your solar panels all over the place. By keeping your company at the front of her mind, you increase the likelihood that your prospect will buy from you when she’s finally ready to make a purchase.

Content marketing is a terrific way to drive leads to the top of your sales funnel. Here’s the logic: by providing a free piece of content—perhaps an informational whitepaper about the science behind climate change—you simultaneously make a meaningful engagement with a prospect and demonstrate the value of your business. Try this: offer that climate change guide for free in exchange for an email address. Your prospect gets a free piece of educational material and you get a way to contact him—which allows you to send promotional emails and gradually nurture him towards purchasing solar panels.

Hybrid Car Marketing Tips and Tricks

Something we see far too many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers fail to do is offer solutions to their prospects’ problems in their ad headlines. For example, when advertising a hybrid car in the Google search results, “Drastically Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today” is a more effective headline than “Looking to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?” The former is better because it provides an actionable solution rather than simply restate the problem.

It’s important to think in terms of age demographics. Typically, a recent college graduate is unable to afford a brand new hybrid vehicle. Therefore, allowing 23-year-old Google users to see your ads will likely lead to lower click-through rates (CTRs), which simultaneously increase your costs per click (CPCs) and diminish your performances in the ad rankings. In other words: if you advertise to irrelevant consumer audiences, you’re going to waste a lot of money. To avoid this nightmare scenario, use the demographics tools underneath the Audiences tab within your Google Ads campaigns. With these, you can exclude consumers who are younger than a certain age from seeing your ads. This way, you can rest assured that you’re not wasting your marketing budget on Google users who will never click and/or convert.

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